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        For the remainder of the semester you will work on a project of your own choosing. It may be entirely new, or a continuation of a previous assignment. Both subject matter and visual approach are up to you, however, the project must be constituted by a body of images which work together as a whole. Choose a subject that you have easy access to. The more opportunities you have to photograph your subject the stronger your project will be. One you process an print your first roles of film you may decide on a change of tactics, or find unexpected ways to build on your initial idea. Push yourself beyond your initial idea and allow your project to evolve. Your project will be presented in the final critique, as unmounted 11"x14" finished fiber based prints.

        In the forum bellow submit a brief proposal describing your initial idea for your project. Proposals should include the basic concept or subject of your project as well as visual ideas or reference points, feel free to include images or quotations, as well as questions for your classmates. In addition to your proposal, please respond to someone else's proposal. Choose a proposal to which no one has yet responded. You can make technical, visual, suggestions, address their proposed subject matter or content, ask questions, or recommend photographer's of interest. Give feedback that they can use.
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