Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    Course Description and Syllabus below.

    I will work on getting the reading/watching assignments on the syllabus by next week.
    Contact information for classroom observations in Brattleboro

    Vermont Adult Learning

    • Instructor: Brian Dokery cell: 579-8952 / work 257-9449 ext. 103
    • classes are in the morning every day 8:30-10:00 beginners; 10:30-12:00 lower intermediate

    Academy Elementary School

  • Topic 3


    You each have a WIKI to work on your guiding principles and teaching practice.
    The wiki will save each version you make but you will view the most recent.

    Example (not my real ideas, but correct form):

    English is a important language that ELLs can use to get information about the developed world and improve their lives.
    • Learners are taught about the cultural and historical aspects of of the native speaking countries so they can understand information they get through conversation and reading.
    • The superiority of native speaker varieties of English is taught and only native speaker input is used in class or allowed as output by students.

  • Topic 7

    Homework due Thursday 2.18.10

    • Reading from Lightbown and Harmer
    • Watch Slivana and Tony
    • Write about your observations of Slivana and Tony, incorporating ideas from recent reading.

    See the attached homework task document below for details.
    • Topic 8

      • Topic 9

        HOMEWORK FOR TUESDAY 2. 23.10 (note tasks for Wed. 2.24 in next section)

        See attached assignment and Activity Plan Form below.

        Textbooks are in the classroom in the bottom drawer under the TV. Please write down any you take. (You can use different books if you like.)

        Markers, tape, scissors are in the plastic tub in the drawer, too. You are welcome to use them in the classroom, but please don't take them out.

        Chris B., Chris K. and Taylor, handouts from class are in the drawer, too.
        • Topic 10

          Homework due on Wednesday 2.24.10

          • Review questions with answers.
          • Updated WIKI addressing all topics covered so far.

          View details on attached document.
          • Topic 11

            HOMEWORK DUE BY TUESDAY 3.2.10

            Peer Review (by Sat.) and Revise Wiki on personal approach (3 credit students can skip this activity)

            Read chapter 21 in Harmer and do tasks (3 credit students please read the tasks and read the chapter with the tasks in mind, but you don't need to write them out - This chapter has some excellent parts you will want to read.)

            Watch DVD of Kit's lesson and answer questions. (ALL students: 3 and 4 credits)

            See attachments below for more detail and to have the electronic version of the tasks you can write on.)

            Please submit your tasks electronically if possible.
          • Topic 12

            HOMEWORK DUE BY FRIDAY 3.12.10

            Barbara DVD lesson: attached below
            Summary of learning: attached below
            Survey Monkey course feedback

            • Topic 13

              Self Assessment of Peer Teaching
              Last Day for Credit: Thursday, April 8

              • Topic 14

                HOMEWORK DUE BY Tuesday 4.6.10

                Freeman: Chapter 4 explaining Form, Meaning and Use - attached below after class on Thurs 4.1

                Harmer ch. 13 : Sections A and B examples of introducing grammar

                Task: Analyze grammar structure: Write steps to introduce/clarify the structure attached below

                • Topic 15

                  • Topic 16