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Class-by-class breakdown of topics, readings, and assignments. Check here to see which readings, assignments, etc. are due at each class meeting.

URL Syllabus

Readings, assignments, expectations, policies.

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Course description; topics to be covered; course outcomes.

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See what's on reserve & whether it's available for checkout. (Reminder: reserve books go out for 3 hours at a time. Please return them to a library staff member when you are done with them.)

Intro Class: 8/30, 2:30 pm, Library 102 URL Getting to know you

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URL Intro Class Slides
Thursday, 9/6: Phonetics and Phonology URL IPA Character Picker

Click on the symbols you'd like to use, then cut & paste into your word processing program.

Tuesday, 9/11: Phonology URL Assignment: IPA Transcription Practice

Due at the beginning of class on Thursday 9/13. To download as a Word, OpenOffice, etc. document, choose File >> Download as... and choose a file type.

URL Chicago Manual of Style on punctuation (esp. commas)

A few of your papers revealed an uneasy relationship with commas. Here's the chapter from The Chicago Manual of Style on punctuation. It's clear, gives plenty of examples, and should serve as a good reference.

Thursday, 9/13: Phonology and Variation URL Optional reading: Sociolinguistic variation in ancient Rome
Joseph, Brian D. and Rex E. Wallace. “Socially Determined Variation in Ancient Rome.” Language Variation and Change 4, no. 01 (1992): 105–119.
Tuesday, 10/2: Basics of hist lx; Sound change URL Lecture notes 2012-10-02
Thursday, 10/4: Sound change URL Lecture notes 2012-10-04
Tuesday, 10/9: Sound change, cont.; Analogy URL Lecture notes 2012-10-09
Thursday, 10/11: Analogy URL Midterm Check-In: 5 Question Evaluation

Before the start of class on Thursday 10/18, please answer the questions in this brief, anonymous evaluation form. I'll use what you tell me in planning the second half of the course.

URL Lecture notes 2012-10-11
Tuesday, 10/23: Borrowing & Etymology URL Lecture notes 2012-10-23
Thursday, 10/25: The Comparative Method URL Lecture notes 2012-10-25
Thursday, 11/1: Comparative method (cont.); Internal reconstruction URL Assignment: Internal Reconstruction, Latin Verbs

due Tuesday, 11/6 at the start of class

URL Lecture notes 2012-11-01
Tuesday, 11/6: IR cont.; Typology; Classification & grouping URL Ethnologue Language Family Index
URL UPSID Database (simple interface)

UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database. Survey of the phonological inventories of 451 of the world's languages.

Thursday, 11/8: Ken on Semantic Change; Indo-European URL Indo-European presentation slides
URL Lecture Notes 2012-11-08
Tuesday, 11/13: Wrap up IE; Prep for ancient writing systems activity URL Ancient IE Text Samples

Runic Norse, Linear B, Faliscan, Archaic Latin

URL Writing Cuneiform, by David P. Wright

Six-part series on how to create a cuneiform tablet.

URL Akkadian


URL Hittite


URL Sumerian


URL Your Initials in Cuneiform

Site from Penn museum