This tutorial is exploring phenomenological texts through William James, Freud, Hubert Spielberg and other psychoanalytic thinkers while posing questions on mind-body dualism, consciousness and access to our psychological interiority.
A self-study of an itinerant education in the early 21st century.
This tutorial will look at my experience as farm manager, my work with the Real Food Challenge, Food and Farm Committees, and other such groups and how we build a relationship with food, a multifaceted element of everyday life. The course should culminate in a draft of a Plan element, a paper about my personal relationship with food and my experience at Marlboro College.

This course presents an introduction to ordinary and partial differential equations. The usual analytical, graphical and numerical aspects of the subject are covered, with an additional focus on proof-writing, the theoretical foundations and applications in economics.

A continuation of the Turkish language intensive I attended over the summer. Reading novels in Turkish.
We will be reading a range of prose poem authors, both their descriptions of prose poetry and their poems. Weekly writing will lead to a collection of original prose poems.
Students meet weekly to discuss influential volumes of poetry chosen in dialogue with the instructor and directed by their own interests. Students present briefly on individual poems and specific approaches and techniques that offer possibilities for their own poetic practice. We will begin with drafting a body of work, move into a focused period of revision, and end by putting together a chapbook of student poems.
This tutorial is devoted to a careful reading of Hegel's The Phenomenology of Spirit.
In this tutorial I will do a minimum of two full scale paintings per week. I will look into other artist's processes, writings, and works for inspiration. I intend to write a flushed out artists statement and other written components.
This tutorial will study the influence of color association to human and other matter's appearance and the presentation of their character. What can be achieved by attempting to limit optical perspective to good vs. bad, visually appalling beauty or utter disruption? The mix. The focus will be on studying contrast and correlation of character, gesture and color. The center of attention will be black woman in relation to others.
A Plan writing tutorial for seniors working on projects relating to Theatre and other interdisciplinary focuses. Students will be expected to produce, share, and give peer reviews on Plan writing.
A bi-weekly meeting dedicated to the practice and critiquing of works on paper. Illustrations developed in this tutorial may be paired with plan writing and will eventually go into the final Plan exhibit.
This is a dedicated time to develop, critique, and monitor all ceramic work that will eventually go into the main Plan exhibit.
Plan work. Advanced Multimedia tutorial Investigating the Nuanced Ideas of Home.
This tutorial will explore the entire process of theatrical scenic design. After choosing a script, I will create a design packet including visual inspiration, designer drawings, and draftings, as if it were to be produced in Whittemore theatre. The design would be free from constraints such as budget, shop size, and realistic feasibility.
Exploring methods that can be used in the [ESL] classroom to achieve the goals of democracy and social justice both inside the classroom and out.
This tutorial will focus on adult US immigrants as learners of English language, and how their experience as immigrants influences their relationship to the English language. Is English a tool for self-advancement; a symbol of oppression; or something in between? Furthermore, how can teachers of the English language become aware of the variety of relationships immigrants have with the English language, and how can that awareness help create a dynamic, empowering ELL classroom?
Researching the first responder communities, such as paramedics and fire fighters, and how they react to trauma on individual and mass casualty scales.
Studying the effects of second-hand trauma witnessed by first responders at work.
An exploration of 21st-century resistance through observation and theory.
This tutorial will be one of the three major contributing factors to my Plan; in it I will be studying different Economic effects in detail and dedicating time to writing papers. Some specific things I may study are: Communist economic effects and decision making
Advanced expository writing workshop, to culminate in the production of several Plan papers.
Continuation education in Italian.
A course where we will explore national identity under the Italian Fascist government. In this course we study the experience of different groups under the Italian fascist system. We will also be looking at how Fascists perceived national identity and what it took to be apart of and accepted by the fascist government.
A study of Italian History from unification to the post-war period. We will focus specifically on the Italian experience from the end of the 19th century to World War II.
Advanced grammar review with the goal of bringing my French reading and writing skills up to par to write a Plan component in French.
Infinite Jest, et cetera; all things DFW. Really good tutorial.
A tutorial researching the Underground Comix movement of the 1970s: the artists that inspired it, its effect on comic book censorship in the United States, and how it gave birth to the modern graphic novels. Comix artists may include Robert Crumb, Spain Rodriquez, Wily Murphy, Daniel Clowes, and Art Spiegelman. Weekly writings will lead to the first draft of a plan paper.
A study of selected works of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries with a focus on the changing nature of belief in the Elizabethan World Picture. The course will involve a significant amount of my plan writing for my papers analysing 'King Lear', 'Titus Andronicus', and 'Henry V'.
This tutorial will examine the Persian Literary Renaissance through a historical lens in order to compliment my plan work writing about Ferdowsi. This tutorial will help me write my plan paper delineating the Persian Literary Renaissance, the historical context it took place within, and Ferdowsi's place within this period.
This tutorial will critically examine Ferdowsi's epic, focusing on the role of religion within the text and the literary expression of the cultural anxieties of Ferdowsi's time.
The course will continue from where my Summer Persian Internsive at Georgetown left off. The course will include watching Persian films regularly and writing reports in Persian weekly, conversation hours, dictation, and continual work towards translating Abol Qasem Ferdowsi's 'Shahnameh' from Persian to English.
This course will act as an introduction to the history of urban planning as well as a jumping off point to studying theories and practices related to the form of the city. By studying urban planning in conjunction with other areas of study, a more holistic approach to city planning will make itself known. Through the literature and case study assignments, students will be introduced to planning problems and strategies in different areas around the world. With this knowledge, students will leave with a thorough understanding of successful city forms as well as be better equipped to advocate for approaches that benefit the cultural and individualistic nature of site-specific planning concerns.
This tutorial will explore themes of home, senses of place, and the tension between progress/civilization and the environment in Native American and American environmental literature.
This tutorial will look at the relationship between place, home, and land, in several traditions.
This tutorial explores contemporary Native American Environmental Activism
Draft, discuss, and revise Plan writing in preparation for final submission.
This class will explore three broad projects leading up to a trip to Cambodia during winter break: 1) water filtration systems and the development of a curriculum about safe, clean water and hygiene, 2) development of a curriculum of an English language for teachers and students at the school in Cambodia, and 3) the focusing and strengthening of the fundraising and grant writing activities that support the school.
Last semester in “Art of Animation,� we explored a variety of contemporary animation artists and methods for how to create complex character movement. In “Space and Animation,� we will continue to build on the skills we acquired to create longer and more complex projects, focusing on one type of animation.
A weekly tutorial with Nelli Sargsyan and Jean O'Hara to complete plan writings and projects.
This tutorial will explore sociological theories of sex/gender stratification. It will begin examining these theories starting in the post WWII period and continue into the present day. Particular interest will be given to how these theories may have effected discursive changes in sex/gender politics.
A reading tutorial in Simone de Beauvoir and Judith Butler
Reflections on an internship at the Windham County Public Defenders Office.
An exploration of fifth amendment concerns in law and literature.
This tutorial is a platform to research memory and generate writing/narrative and movement, and to explore the different mediums that make remembering possible.
An investigation of the personal journeys from African American Political Thought
Selena, Make sure to rework the description in a way that it reflects the actual work you and Sophia will be doing.
Close study of books by Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish, Ilan Pappe, and Rashid Khalidi. Readings will also include more varied forms of writing, such as poetry, memoirs, narrative pieces, and magazine publications. Weekly work will include regular written responses and the creation of an annotated bibliography.
This course will be a preparation for the field research of a World Studies abroad internship focused in economics. We will cover both quantitative and qualitative analysis, spending large amounts of time on reading and producing accurate statistical data, ethical approaches to research in the field, and the creation and interpretation of economic models.
Legislative analysis is, in short, an independent review of proposed legislation. This includes, but is not limited to, evaluation of language use, evaluation of the motivations behind the legislation, and exploring potential impact.
Tutorial on Black Women's Literature and processes of healing.
Same course work as the main class, but meeting one on one because of scheduling conflict.
Designed to finalize the student's understanding of elementary calculus while deepening the student's understanding of richer topics in mathematics—the most crucial among these being intermediate calculus and linear algebra—and the relationships among them.
We revisit the topics of Calculus 1, 2 and 3 (and possibly Differential Equations) to solidify understanding of the material in preparation for advanced work in Physics or Mathematics.
A refresher and introduction to some mathematical tools, including trigonometry and some calculus, used in the General Physics class.
A collection and analysis of data from professional league of legends games leading to a plan project in the subject.
A second course in Linear Algebra. Emphasis will be on topics that have connections to Combinatorics or Machine Learning.
I will be co-teaching a Community Governance tutorial with Matt Ollis. This tutorial will provide support and guidance for community members to pursue projects and develop skills related to Community Governance. These skills and projects may be related to individual committees, but demand work outside of the normal committment of committee involvement. Committee experience is recommended, but not required.
This tutorial will provide a foundational background in marine biology and ecology. We will cover the interactions between marine organisms and their environment with particular attention to ecological processes and evolutionary adaptations that influence these interactions. We will use texts in marine biology as well as primary literature.
A literature review on the olfactory system, with a focus on the recognition of scent molecules. This tutorial will cover the processes of binding, signal transduction, and identification. The scope of this literature review will also examine the abnormalities of an olfactory system in a patient afflicted with anosmia, which is a partial or complete inability to recognize scents. The tutorial is focused on the production of a Plan paper based on the literature review.
This tutorial will give me a chance to process what I learned about agriculture during my summer internship at Singing River Farm in Rockingham, Vermont. This internship raised several questions which I would like to explore this fall: 1. What is the efficacy of plant-based fertilizers compared to synthetic and animal-based fertilizers? 2. What are some effective and sustainable ways to remove pests from an organic farm? 3. How might sustainable practices differ based on geological location? 4. How might "alternative" irrigation systems differ from traditional ones?
An extension of the work started in past tutorials, continuing to examine the shortcomings of science advocacy in climate activism.
Survey of ecological issues relating to climate change, including changing disturbance regimes, migration patterns, and projected extinctions. Focus on creating visual representations of changes for public consumption.
This tutorial will clearly outline the intestinal immune response and examine how the gut micro-flora influence non-infectious diseases in humans. We will investigate biochemical pathways and epidemiological factors that influence dis-regulation and homeostasis of a healthy gut microbial community in cases such as allergy, autoimmunity, and cancer. The goal of this course will be to produce a draft of a systematic review that will account for a portion of my Plan. We will review primary literature to provide research regarding the subject.
Through a primary literature review I will synthesize an argumentative outline for a Plan paper. The paper explores the infant mucosal immune system as well as the bioselectivity of human breast milk on the developing gut microbiota. The scope of my argument will need to cover intestinal anatomy, topics in muccosal immunology including the components of breast milk and their function to the infants longitudinal immunity as well as the relationship between the infant gut microbiota and diet.
This group tutorial is meant to be a continuation of Real Food Challenge work that students focused on during the spring 2017 semester. The broad goal is to increase awareness on campus about how we as a college are apart of our local food system, while also making information regarding the quality (e.g., organic, humane, fair trade) and sources (e.g., local, family business), of our food accessible to the campus community. Projects will include bringing real food-related proposals to town meeting to enact change in our dining hall. For example, we hope to continue with our beverage proposal, which would result in our dining hall switching our Coca-Cola beverage machine for a Maine Root machine (started spring 2017). Another project we began research on last semester is purchasing an indoor hydroponics system for our dining hall, which we would also plan on finalizing. In addition to working on these projects, we will also be continuously working on Real Food calculations.
This tutorial will provide support and guidance for community members to pursue projects and develop skills related to Community Governance. These skills and projects may be related to individual committees, but demand work outside of the normal committment of committee involvement. Committee experience is recommended, but not required.
continuation of last years tutorial, grammar and Spanish documentaries
Filling in the holes of Spanish conversation and grammar. Tuesdays: 10:30am
An exploration of the queer subtext in Peter Pan, culminating in a rewriting of the musical script in which I will use "growing up" as a metaphor for "coming out as trans."
This tutorial examines Japanese ceramics focusing on but not limited to Iga ware and Shigaraki ware. Through an art history lens and a relationship to my current production this course aims to understand these traditions and how they relate to mark making, firing of wood kilns, and clays. This tutorial will conclude with the production of a plan paper.
This course is a tutorial designed to educate students about the history and culture of the Irish people as preparation for a semester abroad in Dublin.
Reading analyzing and discussing the Mahabharata
The tutorial is a close observation of high school classrooms in which the teaching of writing is the educator's main focus. We will be attending various writing classes -- of varying ability levels -- and taking note of methods used to teach lessons and improve student writing. Weekly writing and attendance at high schools allowing us to observe classrooms will constitute the coursework.
A reading tutorial in theory and case law.
Today, Japanese influence on contemporary ceramics is found even among the wares of an American tea company, which offers a cup, small and bearing no handle, that depicts images from a 12th century Japanese scroll on which there are four dancing frogs and a hare. This tutorial will focus on Japan’s ceramic traditions of both sculptural and functional objects from the works of the people of the prehistoric Jomon to contemporary artists in Japan. Through this tutorial, the following questions will guide research: how are the ceramic sculptures of Japan related to the art, religion, politics, and social constructions of the country? In what ways do functional ceramics wares indicate historical periods and relate to religious and cultural functions, reveal social constructions, and aesthetic values? In what ways has ceramics influenced relationships between Japan, Asia, and the world? How has this connection changed? What is the basis of the various aesthetics of Japanese culture and how do these relate to Japan’s ceramic wares? What materials and processes are used in the creation of the work? These investigations will happen through reading, discussion, written reflections, and a final paper. Perhaps, some emulative and reflective work in ceramics will be produced to accompany this historical and cultural study.
The course will focus primarily on the tea cultures that have evolved within Japan and China. Students will investigate the origins of respective philosophies related to practice and consumption of tea. Attention will be given to the history and evolution of the tea ceremony, use of material culture including ceramics and utensils, and the relationship of tea with other arts.
Tutorial focused on completing translation of Aeneid 6 and corresponding paper for Plan.
This tutorial will center on an explorational reading of Robert Alter's translation of the five books of Moses, with a view towards discovering what the Hebrew Bible has to say about belonging, community, race, and what it might mean to be included or excluded from God's chosen people.
A study of the intersection of philosophy or race and existentialism in 20th century thought.
A continuation of the Greek I class, meant for students that have already passed Greek IA and IB, with a focus on intermediate greek vocabulary, grammar, and unadapted Ancient Greek texts.
This course is an introduction to Greek philosophy and literature.
Continuation of grammar and language structures from Wheelock's Latin as well as reading Catullus and other Latin writers.
An examination of the relationship between community engagement and folk music, drawing from a range of academic readings and relating them to a ten week tour with the Northern Harmony choir. Reflection on the tour through daily journal entries. Analysis of group dynamics and exploration of how folk music can contribute to building community. Investigation of the ideology behind folk music with an eye to exploring issues of inclusion and engagement.
In this tutorial we will read Black women's narratives of healing from trauma. Authors will include: Ann Petry, Gayl Jones, Paula Marshall, Gloria Naylor, Audre Lord, bell hooks, Toni Morrison, and Jessamyn Ward. Weekly writing will help create the focus for a longer plan paper.
This tutorial will explore theories and philosophies concerning the existential meaning of time, specifically the function of time as meaningful to one's creation of self and one's relationship to objects.
To read Roman authors and keep Latin skills fresh.
This tutorial explores the voices and depictions of mental illness in literature. We will read several authors including William Styron, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, and Ken Kesey, with the goal of understanding their stories beyond the repeated stigmatized narrative surrounding mental illness. We will consider how memory, trauma, and suffering mold one's sense of and creation of self. Weekly reading responses will help create the focus for a longer plan essay.

Ce cours sera une histoire de la politique française à partir de la révolution française jusqu'a l'actualité. Nous nous concentrerons sur la recherche des inégalités économiques en France actuellement. Nous allons lire les actualités, regarder des films et lire de nombreux textes historiques et contemporains.

Tutorial focused on completing Plan paper on Plague of Justinian and others.
This tutorial will be focused on producing plan work. Discussions of text will alternate with workshopping plan writing.

Tutorial granting credit for completing Marboro Graduate and Professional Studies' ALIGN program through Marlboro Professional Institute.

Exploration of the power dynamics which take place in the colonized body and the process of decolonizing those dynamics at play to heal and protest systems of oppression on the body.
Building skills for teaching dance. Discussions of pedagogy will be paired with weekly teaching practice, offering Latin dance lessons for students on campus.
This will be a time once a week for me to meet with my adviser and discuss plan related activities, writing, and development of a body of work.
This class will teach the basics of kiln building through the restoration/rebuild of our old gas kiln. We will have supplemental readings as topics come up. We will also attempt to build a small wood fired kiln if we can gather the materials we need. It will end with a essay about the whole process.
This course aims to expand and develop ceramic work including vessels, tea ware, sculptural works, chargers, and vases. Through production, critiques, and examination of other works both historical and contemporary we will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the ceramic medium.
Weekly private lessons taught by Moby Pearson.
Tonal Harmony: This tutorial is primarily dedicated to an exploration of the compositional tradition of 18th-century harmony & voice-leading. Since this tradition evolved out of the older tradition of 16th-century counterpoint, we will also review species counterpoint as necessary--going back & forth between the two traditions in order to more strongly feel the connection. Coursework will center on exercises in four-part harmony & additional exercises in two-voice counterpoint. Attention will be given equally to the discipline of writing within the exacting guidelines of a traditional system and in understanding the role of aesthetic choices.
A tutorial generating Plan research/writing in somatics. We will focus on body memories and the parasympathetic nervous system. Reading material will be drawn from somatics, dance studies, and biology.
The goal of this tutorial is to produce and decipher the voice of my sculptures. Examining how my processes, pieces, and the viewer can share an intent that is purposely placed.
The tutorial aims to refine research the paper to incorporate the student's main plan component, while finalizing exhibition materials and presentation ideas.
A tutorial that will help fuction as a critique space for students wishing to expand upon ideas of narrative and sequencing within their photographic work. The semester will culminate in a final project, that students will be working on throughout the fall. Students are expected to be submitting work regularly.
This drawing tutorial is meant to focus and develop drawing as a practice by maintaining a sketchbook(s)/journal(s) and creating works that investigate a variety of subjects derived from media and approached through formal (and informal) drawing techniques and traditions (i.e. portraiture, the figure, architecture, landscapes, cartoons and so on). Various mediums will be explored through experimentation in sketchbook(s)/journal(s) and projects there will be further developed into larger (or smaller) works.
The goal of this is to allow for the student to explore various surface decoration techniques. Since the focus of most ceramics study is on skill with throwing and technical aspects, a student might complete undergraduate education without much ability, experience, or awareness of how to treat the clay surface. As a result, this course will provide opportunities for the student to engage with different methods of expression for the ceramic surface. Techniques will include use of underglazes, wax resist, slip, oxides, sgriffito, ash, methods of transfer of images included decals, carving, china paint, luster glaze, and ceramic monoprints. The student will keep a digital notebook that will include research notes on methods, sketches for projects, glazing notations, and through this method include links to resources and websites with visuals that are used as references. The student will create a bibliography for the course and work product will include 20-24 different surface enhancement exercises, including combinations of techniques or methods, as well as at least 12 wheel thrown pots decorated with the best results of the semester’s research and will demonstrate skill in the specific method.
This tutorial will be focused on the editing of academic writing, and the synthesizing of two papers into one plan.
This course will examine the relationship between photography and theater, specifically, how the two mediums work in tandem to form an installation. Elements from each medium will be engaged with critically and put into conversation with each other, resulting in a finished gallery/installation.
Advance techniques in Inkjet printing, alternative and otherwise, that corresponds with completing final plan work for solo gallery exhibit. Looking at developing a creative process that highlights proposed visual content, including experimentation and research development.
A writing tutorial for a senior completing their Plan of Concentration in Dance, Theatre, and Gender Studies. This tutorial will gear towards the culmination of the student producing a full draft of their Plan paper on dance and gender.
A writing seminar for seniors completing their Plan of Concentration in Theatre and other interdisciplinary focuses. Students will be expected to produce, share, and give peer reviews on Plan papers.
Explore the relationship between photography and music: use elements of musical form to influence photographic choices; identify similar elements such as emotion, narrative, aesthetic, form, texture, and color, and create a multimedia presentation that reflects these relationships.
Objectives: Gather choral literature and conduct a vocal ensemble in a selection of that literature in concert at the end of semester, with a culminating workshop at the end of the fall semester.
Objectives: Compose music for choir to be performed by Northern Harmony singers during the fall tour, and record performances of the scores.
A project based tutorial exploring digital storytelling from concept to completed presentation. Looking at the different approaches to developing on-screen, Web accessible and printable presentaion material.
This class will focus on the creation and potential uses of functional pottery. Students will expand their skill-sets in throwing or hand-building and explore the specific ways in which functional pottery can enrich our lives as more than just objects. Each student will choose a facet of functional pottery to explore in depth and create a body of work that reflects their specific interests.
A deepening exploration of improvisation for students who have completed one or more semesters of contact improvisation. Topics of exploration will be generated by students, inspired by their Plan research, summer study, or current movement questions.
This tutorial will focus on the basics of programming interactive music software (primarily MAX/MSP) with an aim towards producing a final installation piece at semester's end. Coursework and material will revolve around MAX's extensive library of tutorials as well as Kadenze's online course on introductory programming with MAX and "machine learning."
A tutorial intended to workshop creative writing pieces that feature heavily in Plan.
M/W/F 12:30-1:20 A class exploring the political situation and history of the French speaking world in French.

This tutorial taught entirely in French will introduce students to the literatures and culture of the Caribbean Francophone world (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haïti). We will read writers such as Aimé Césaire, Franz Fanon, Joseph Zobel, Maryse Condé and Jacques Roumain. During the semestre we will focus on questions of race, culture identity, immigration and exil. 

This variable credit seminar provides the support and structure to transform your random thoughts into a coherent and compelling argument for your plan.

Creating the foundation in the anthropological side of linguistics so that I may better connect my linguistic interests for Plan
A survey of topics in Graph Theory with special emphasis on those for which the tools of Linear Algebra are applicable.

Build a foundation for planetary science, focusing on the physical processes that dictate the appearance and composition of planets, exploring ideas in geology, chemistry, and physics. Will produce a final research paper discussing the formation of Saturn's moon Pan, specifically it's equatorial ridge.

A tutorial designed to explore topics in Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics.

A continuation of Fall 2016's "Introduction Linguistique Francaise." Preparing to write a Plan Component in French on an aspect of French linguistics
Will be working on improving my written French skills by reading and writing. Will be using this tutorial to learn to write practical materials in French (like a CV or cover letter), but also to prepare for writing a small component of Plan in French.
A literary and theoretical examination of pain, memory, and the body through the works of female novelists and essayists of the 20th-21st century. Authors may include Toni Morrison, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood, and Terry Tempest Williams. Texts will include Susan Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor, Elaine Scarry’s The Body In Pain, and Cathy Caruth's Unclaimed Experience: Trauma, Narrative, and History. This tutorial will explore how instances of pain and bodily harm, whether acute, chronic, or continually inflicted, linger in and affects the body, and how the literary and theoretical treatments of that embodied pain affect perceptions of time and self-hood. The outcome of this tutorial will be a Plan paper, in which I will examine the works of selected authors and theorists to address literary examples of bodily remembrance.

This tutorial will focus on specific texts focused on the role of sound in mysticism and spirituality. Additionally, there will be some workshops/practical applications of the ideas that the texts outline.

This tutorial will examine the history of formation of Japanese environmental policy. An overview of 20th century development and industrialisation will be provided, and its effect on modern policy studied. Focus will be placed on the actors and events that produce policy. In addition, studies of activism and foreign influence will be included. --- ---Core text: Environmental Policy in Japan by Hidefumi Imura and Miranda A. Schreurs This text will look primarily Japan's environmental history and the policy that has been created as a result. It focuses for a large part on domestic environmental events and the mechanisms by which policy is and has been created, although the book's final chapters provide comparative studies for other large actors in the East Asian region. --- ---Other selected readings will be provided to supplement the study in the following areas: -international environmental policy (foreign policy) -domestic environmental activism

Japanese tutoring provided by community member Yasuko. I anticipate taking these lessons for an equivalent of 2 credits or 90 semester hours of work. Course materials and lesson plans will further be outlined by Yasuko and myself.

This tutorial will be a history of capitalism. It could also be described as a history of Marxist theory. It will include authors from a variety of disciplines, including history, sociology, philosophy, and economics.

Continuing to learn the fundamentals of the Korean language after I began over the summer

Will be synthesizing the data I collect from research done in Egypt this summer. Reviewing research methods, reading more related theory. Somewhat of a continuation of Spring 2017 tutorial "First Language Acquisition." Will possibly be more focused on Second Language Acquisition, depending on the research possibilities in Egypt.

This tutorial will be a continuation of a Sound Art tutorial completed in Spring 17. The end result will be at least two large scale sound art installations, both of which will represent a significant portion of my plan.

This course would be about how to design a set for the theater. In this course we would be given a play (or more) to design going through the concept to the model. We would also be learning practical constructions skills as they are very relevant to the field.

An exploration of the ways in which dance is created and adapted for screen rather than stage, culminating in the creation of a dance film.

A group Tutorial for Plan students in Music composition. The semester will be dedicated to drafting, and refining compositions individually and in workshops.