This variable credit seminar provides the support and structure to transform your random thoughts into a coherent and compelling argument for your plan.

Creating the foundation in the anthropological side of linguistics so that I may better connect my linguistic interests for Plan
A survey of topics in Graph Theory with special emphasis on those for which the tools of Linear Algebra are applicable.

Build a foundation for planetary science, focusing on the physical processes that dictate the appearance and composition of planets, exploring ideas in geology, chemistry, and physics. Will produce a final research paper discussing the formation of Saturn's moon Pan, specifically it's equatorial ridge.

A tutorial designed to explore topics in Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics.

A continuation of Fall 2016's "Introduction Linguistique Francaise." Preparing to write a Plan Component in French on an aspect of French linguistics
Will be working on improving my written French skills by reading and writing. Will be using this tutorial to learn to write practical materials in French (like a CV or cover letter), but also to prepare for writing a small component of Plan in French.
A literary and theoretical examination of pain, memory, and the body through the works of female novelists and essayists of the 20th-21st century. Authors may include Toni Morrison, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood, and Terry Tempest Williams. Texts will include Susan Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor, Elaine Scarry’s The Body In Pain, and Cathy Caruth's Unclaimed Experience: Trauma, Narrative, and History. This tutorial will explore how instances of pain and bodily harm, whether acute, chronic, or continually inflicted, linger in and affects the body, and how the literary and theoretical treatments of that embodied pain affect perceptions of time and self-hood. The outcome of this tutorial will be a Plan paper, in which I will examine the works of selected authors and theorists to address literary examples of bodily remembrance.

This tutorial will focus on specific texts focused on the role of sound in mysticism and spirituality. Additionally, there will be some workshops/practical applications of the ideas that the texts outline.

This tutorial will examine the history of formation of Japanese environmental policy. An overview of 20th century development and industrialisation will be provided, and its effect on modern policy studied. Focus will be placed on the actors and events that produce policy. In addition, studies of activism and foreign influence will be included. --- ---Core text: Environmental Policy in Japan by Hidefumi Imura and Miranda A. Schreurs This text will look primarily Japan's environmental history and the policy that has been created as a result. It focuses for a large part on domestic environmental events and the mechanisms by which policy is and has been created, although the book's final chapters provide comparative studies for other large actors in the East Asian region. --- ---Other selected readings will be provided to supplement the study in the following areas: -international environmental policy (foreign policy) -domestic environmental activism

Japanese tutoring provided by community member Yasuko. I anticipate taking these lessons for an equivalent of 2 credits or 90 semester hours of work. Course materials and lesson plans will further be outlined by Yasuko and myself.

This tutorial will be a history of capitalism. It could also be described as a history of Marxist theory. It will include authors from a variety of disciplines, including history, sociology, philosophy, and economics.

Continuing to learn the fundamentals of the Korean language after I began over the summer

Will be synthesizing the data I collect from research done in Egypt this summer. Reviewing research methods, reading more related theory. Somewhat of a continuation of Spring 2017 tutorial "First Language Acquisition." Will possibly be more focused on Second Language Acquisition, depending on the research possibilities in Egypt.

This tutorial will be a continuation of a Sound Art tutorial completed in Spring 17. The end result will be at least two large scale sound art installations, both of which will represent a significant portion of my plan.

This course would be about how to design a set for the theater. In this course we would be given a play (or more) to design going through the concept to the model. We would also be learning practical constructions skills as they are very relevant to the field.

An exploration of the ways in which dance is created and adapted for screen rather than stage, culminating in the creation of a dance film.

A group Tutorial for Plan students in Music composition. The semester will be dedicated to drafting, and refining compositions individually and in workshops.