This tutorial looks at how dance, mental health, and productivity affect each other. Through individual dance work and personal narrative, I aim to explore what it means to me to be mentally ill here at Marlboro and in my life, and how dance and movement influence my work ethic and my mental health.

A fast-track tutorial in Beginners' Latin, up to Wheelock Chapter 12.

An internship based tutorial involving working for the Brattleboro Commons, a non-profit, independent weekly newspaper.  Acting as correspondent to the town of Marlboro, Vermont.  Writing and publishing of regular articles with an emphasis on politics.

Private violin lessons once a week with Moby Pearson from Brattleboro Music Center. Working on technique and preparing pieces.

An investigation of the Pre-Raphaelite movement in 19th century Britain with an emphasis in themes of gender and sexuality.
In this tutorial I will be producing writing on a weekly basis. I will be continuing my research in narrative theory, and writing short exploratory essays. The goal is to hone my writing abilities, and to continue to refine my plan topic.
In this tutorial I will continue to paint, and read information that is relevant to my process. I will be writing papers alongside the readings and in response to the work I produce. I hope to produce work that leans more towards experimentation than I have in the past, and to work on being able to better understand and explain my practice.
In this tutorial we will focus on completing the memoir started last semester.
In this tutorial we will be deploying various methods and styles of spoken word. We will focus on how to deploy an array of styles on an array rhythms in order to expand and improve the potency of the spoken word.
In this tutorial we will explore various approaches to lyrical performance.
In this tutorial I will be finishing the tracking and producing for the musical project that is part of my plan of concentration. We will meet when needed and there will be a product finished by spring break.
Political theory is created under times of crisis. What does this mean for the student of political theory? This tutorial looks at the risks involved in creating healthier polities when fear is so damn distracting.
This paper is an analysis of Protestant conversion among several politically, socially, and economically marginalized populations in upland Southeast Asia. I show how how these traditionally animist ethnocultural minorities have used Protestantism in the modern era as a means of preserving and dignifying their difference by functioning as both an identity marker and a claim to equality and civilization. I employ a Barthian analysis to tease out the paradox of how these groups are embracing an austere religion that entails fundamental changes in their traditional culture as a means of reaffirming their ethnic distinctions vis-à-vis the politically- and culturally-dominant population.
This paper examines how a number of politically, socially, and economically marginalized ethnic minority populations in southern Ethiopia have used Protestantism to resist cultural absorption into, and discrimination by, the politically- and culturally-dominant Amhara population.
We meet once per week to workshop student-generated political theory.
An examination of the current literature in disability studies.

This course offers students the opportunity to practice ear training, improve their vocal ability, and define themselves as independent musicians through the examination and performance of musical literature in the barbershop style. In this course, mastery of concepts fundamental to a Capella close-harmony singing, such as intervals and chord progressions, tuning, and achievement of "expanded sound", will be emphasized. Although barbershop-style music is usually built on simple melodies and is relatively easy to sing, the musical sensitivity and ear training necessary for independent part singing make it one of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments of a vocal ensemble. When the music is sung accurately and with good breath support and vocal techniques, barbershop harmony produces audible overtone vibrations (often described as "ringing chords") unique to this special American form of music.

An exploration of the ways in which a mindful practice of writing can hone and refine one's thinking.
This tutorial will study Black Woman's playwrights and their performance in relation to their own personal life and experience. We will focus on the correlation between the two and how these woman incorporate their identity, their previous or current surroundings and history into their work.
This tutorial will incorporate research, reading and painting. The aim is to explore racial, cultural and individualistic identities as they coincide with one another. In addition, there will be an exploration in producing paintings based on working with very limited vision, high myopia, -22 eyesight.

Tutorial based around Plague of Justinian Plan paper.

Tutorial based around Advanced Classical Latin translation and Aeneid analysis.

Research on monastic and ecclesiastical letters. Archival of letters between Gregory VII and Hugh of Cluny and Gregory VII and Hugh of Die. Translation from latin to english of select letters. Writing a thesis on this topic.
Use WashU course syllabus as a reading list/guide to make up readings I missed on first round. Intensive reading course. Approx. 500 pages per week. This will be a preparation for PLAN exams as the course will survey different perspectives on Heresy in modern scholarship. (One series of exams will be exclusively on Heresy.)
Write each week for PLAN and submit writing each week.

This tutorial will focus on skill building exercises as well as projects which are designed to encourage conceptual thinking and the balance between form and content.

Spinoza's theory of freedom is embraced by anarchists and constitutionalist. Which side has it right? This tutorial looks at the Ethics and the Theological Political Treatise to consider the question, "What does it mean to obey the law?"
This tutorial will explore Bakhtin's literary theories, beginning with the four essays in The Dialogic Imagination and then branching off into Bakhtin's studies of Dostoevsky and Rabelais. There will be eight class sessions. Written work will include several one-page response papers and a final eight-page paper.
Through a study of various novels dating from the beginning of post-modernism to the present, this tutorial looks at the current state and trajectory of post-modernism (including a look at a divide which has developed, into a low road and a high road, for lack of better terms.) John Pennington will produce a thesis on this subject of 25-50 pages, which will form 1/2 of his plan submission.
Development and completion of an original piece of literature in canto form, a story told in free form verse, resulting an epic poem 30 to 60 pages long.
A tutorial preparing for a computer science exam that will represent materials covered over the last four years of study.
A continuation of last semesters tutorial tutorial in compiler design. Instead of focusing on techniques, theory, and examples, this tutorial will center around implementing a practical compiler for the Arduino platform.
An exploration of episodes of cruelty and violence that happen outside the traditional theater of war. Readings will span U.S. history and focus on examples of racial violence, class violence and other forms of state sponsored violence. Particular emphasis on how acts of violence and tragedy are remembered or forgotten over time.
A tutorial in writing and implementing a hypertext based modular memoir.
In this tutorial, we will watch the last four films directed by Robert Bresson (Quatre Nuits d'un Rêveur Lancelot du Lac, Le Diable, Probablement, and L'Argent). To better understand these films and to read different interpretations, we will examine French academic texts written on each film. The focus of the tutorial will be to strengthen reading comprehension, speaking, and writing skills in french.
An examination of religious themes in Simone Weil and Bresson. Our work will include analyzing film technique and themes in A MAN ESCAPED; our work on Weil will have as its focus GRAVITY AND GRACE.
This tutorial will provide practice for the Independent portion of the Plan project which is a translated portion of the text Fantômes by Sophie Calle. The student will translate roughly a paragraph a week from a text chosen by the professor to exercise the skills used in translating the final text.
A tutorial centered around writing a plan paper on the concept of the culture industry as coined by critical theorists, exploring its newfound meanings in the post-internet age. The tutorial will consist of around a dozen readings from the turn of the 20th century to today, and writing short responses to each book to generate ideas that will ultimately cumulate into the final paper.
This writing tutorial will be focused on writing a paper on the video artist David Hall at a plan level. I will be analyzing his work and choosing a topic to create a plan level paper for 20% of my plan. This paper will include an introduction that will include describing the pioneers of British video art and their work/significance in the '70s and '80s.
This tutorial will offer a plan level discourse on video installation which will guide me to a successful plan exhibit, since a large portion of it will be video installation. The artist whom I'm writing a paper on for plan is David Hall, a video installation and television artist who will be a discussed in the tutorial as well as other video installation pioneers such as Nam June Paik, Gary Hill, Tina Keane, Chris Meigh-Andrews, and Malcolm LeGrice. Video installation involves sculptural elements, which will be covered in the tutorial.
This tutorial is for the purpose of finishing the coding component of my Plan and the accompanying paper. The paper will detail the software’s development history, its core features, and possible directions for future research.
Under a new administration, the future of climate science seems uncertain. In this tutorial we will read various authors work on where the citizen and the scientist meet when it comes to questions of climate change, focusing on grassroots education movements and citizen journalism, as well as how damaging censuring and controlling scientific data can be. Through citizen outreach and interviews, we will look at how people learn about climate change, and the roles that the quality of climate change education plays in motivating these people. We will also work on producing "fact sheets" on climate change, as well as building presentations on the subject, translating dense scientific works into compelling and factual information that can be digested by a general audience.
In this tutorial we will study theoretical approaches to climate activism and also explore activism and organizing for climate justice experientially.
This tutorial is an exploration of themes in climate and conservation psychology.
This tutorial is for the purpose of finishing the essay component of my Plan, a paper examining the boundary between solos and duos in free improvised music and how a software system of my own design further complicates this dichotomy.
This tutorial will focus on the performance component of my Plan. This will entail daily practice with each performance setup—amplified vocal solo, unamplified vocal solo, voice and computer duo, etc. Weekly meetings will be used to rehearse and receive feedback.
A tutorial on the ideas behind Mexican art in the 20th century. We will study aspects of public art, the artists' political motivations, and representations of indigenous or European art.
Exploration of the relationship of the press and political system in the U.S. Can a free press be free when it relies on corporate funding? Is state funding better or worse for free speech?
Examining Russian news sources to analyse the Russian perspective on the war in Syria
A study of visual arts exploring different materials and surfaces.

Theater Technology is a tutorial designed to introduce the basics of theater design practices and putting those designes into action.  Most of the course will focus on lighting design and programming the light board.  

A tutorial focused on practice of the Chinese martial art Wing Tsun and weight trainings. The primary structure of the tutorial includes regular practice of the forms and fundamentals (drawing on knowledge from prior study), as well as routine exercise and weight training for fitness purposes.
This tutorial will study and improve the practical skills in studio / production lightings. Student will learn and improve on the utilizing of various lighting equipments. With the aid of professor, student will select a number of production photographs from various sources, to breakdown and acquire the skills to replicate the lighting and aesthetics of photographs. The student will acquire knowledge, familiarity and fluidity of how light works.
In which we will discuss morale and war visuals in documentary film.
This tutorial will cover all of the main aspects of a traditional statistics class, including descriptive stats, probability theory and inferential stats. Beyond that the focus will be on topics and skills of particular use in the social sciences. We will use the programming language R.
A tutorial to practice speaking and perhaps writing in Spanish. The subject of the dialogue may range from casual conversation to discussing literature.
This tutorial will allow for me to reflect and grow as I teach an Intro to Analog Photography course at In-Sight Photography Project. I will be able to take notice of any challenges I face and explore ways to overcome them. I will also explore how this teaching experience relates to my larger goal of becoming an arts educator. By the end of the tutorial, I will write a reflection paper on my experience.
This tutorial is dedicated to understanding and writing about poverty and homelessness in the United States and a variety of models, such as Housing First, that could help reduce the cycle of homelessness, especially for adolescents.
This podcast will be dedicated to understanding and writing about adolescent homelessness and the psychological effects that go along with homelessness
A Plan writing tutorial focused on the psychological impacts of trauma on Adolescence and how that impacts identity formation and sense of self during adolescence and adulthood.
Studying education law, policy, and alternative schools
A writing-based tutorial that refines the presentation of the various constituents during last semester's field work.
This tutorial will lead to a plan paper on corvid cognition and behavior, with an emphasis on implications of captivity on cognition.

Profesora de Swanson is really kind that she is willing to help my speaking Spanish to be more proficient.

This tutorial is an introduction to current, mainstream syntactic theory in the framework of Government-Binding Theory. Topics include X'-Theory, Binding Theory, Theta Theory, Case Theory, Movement, Logical Form, and more recent development in syntax.

Examining existential themes and problems in the works of Dostoevsky, Camus, and Faulkner
This tutorial will be for producing podcasts for plan.
A tutorial focused on the technical aspects of buying, processing, and maintaining a collection in the library.
A tutorial focused on English Literature Plan writing, specifically focusing on Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse".
In this tutorial, I am writing with great attention to the process of inhabiting a place. We will read authors who have worked to be inhabitants, such as Gretel Ehrlich, Kathleen Norris, and William Dubuys, among others, and work towards completion of a three-pronged essay that includes historical context on Chama, New Mexico, interviews with inhabitants, and personal reflection on my stay in Chama.
This Tutorial will be aimed at building and refining a photographic portfolio spanning a few years, as well as current work. There will be an emphasis on the forms of presentation specifically through different types of printing paper. A cohesive understanding of the thematic emotional elements will be explored through the portfolio.
This tutorial will engage with works of photographers dedicated to producing art about their personal lives. More specifically, this tutorial will observe the encompassing social effects of the inclusion of family in art work. Broadly speaking, how does ‘the personal’ affect the art and vice versa.
Through the study of plays and trauma theory, this tutorial’s aim will be to produce an academic paper on the intersectionality of trauma and performance. Specifically, I will examine the effectiveness of theatre/performance in addressing trauma in a larger sociopolitical context ,while also addressing the individual experience/embodiment. Through consistent research and writing, an in depth understanding of how social power structures and individuality will be gained. Furthermore, this understanding will then be applied examine the effectiveness of theater/performance as mode of communication. (cut this?)
A continuation of previous work in sequential art and sculpture, with intent to produce work for a plan project and show.
In this tutorial I will teach myself to sew using a sewing machine. I plan to explore the process of making new articles of clothing from used cloth/clothing. I will also be teaching myself to weave on a loom. Not only will I be creating but I will be researching different movements and artists to give my work context.
Drawing on resources from the History and Performance of Drag Course and from the Dance and Gender Course, this tutorial will focus on drag as it applies to dance. It will also provide an opportunity to explore how ideas about drag and gender bending can be used in performance-based story telling.
This tutorial will primarily focus on woodcuts and with additional print making processes. It will be investigating personal and cultural iconography around relative to identity.
Through theory, artwork and memory-work (autoethnography) we will explore how sexual discourse is passed down through generations. How do children embody language surrounding sexuality that is taught (spoken and unspoken)? How is this memory carried into life and how does this help or harm understand sexuality/sensuality and gender?
An in depth look at the socio-psychological effects of certain issues on the population, such as climate change, war, certain educational and work situations and other issues. I will particularly be interested in how young people are effected by certain realities. I will work toward the completion of a paper on this subject.
This tutorial will be an in depth study of Critical Pedagogy. We will read works by longstanding and new figures in the field, such as bell hooks, Henry Giroux, Paulo Friere, and others. I will mainly be looking at how Critical Pedagogy can be bought out of the classroom, and how eduction can be integrated into larger spaces, groups and movements that have to do with questioning authority and teaching and learning creatively.
This course will look at the origins and current state of multiple domestic movements in the United States, such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy, movements against poverty, the Green Party and others. We will read as much as we can and I will work toward the completion of a plan paper on the subject.
This tutorial explores the field of Economics through the lenses of how people behave. One of the first things you learn is that people do not always choose the rational option; why is that? What influences their decisions, and what can you do change this? I will be studying Economic concepts such as how context effects decision making, as well as "nudges" (small changes in the framing of a decision that greatly effects what people choose) As a resource I will utilize EdX, an online curriculum structure website, following along with their behavioral Economics course while building on it with my own work.
This tutorial will serve as an introduction to the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology by using the writings of Thomas Szasz, R.D. Laing, and others as a starting point from which to examine the neurological basis of psychiatric treatment modalities. By the end of this course, the student will be able to make informed, critical judgments about the relevance of anti-psychiatry to modern mental health practices, which will be reflected in the composition of a substantial body of writing suitable for use in Plan.
Personality and its connection to Motivation takes a close look into the effects personality has on an individuals decision making.
Study of Motivation and it connections to Adolescent's Career Development. looking further into how motivation connects to different building blocks of the self.
Study into sign language and how to use it properly in a real world setting.
An investigation of carbon taxation with an emphasis on implementation in the state of Vermont.
This tutorial is an introduction to some key texts of phenomenology such as Husserl and Merleau Ponty.
This course is intended to research the impacts of mental and physical trauma on people's lives.
This tutorial examines the basics of critical pedagogy, the differences in how this approach has been interpreted and implemented. . By the end of the semester I hope to have a firm grasp on each pedagogical approach that we have studied as well as have the capability to see when each is being used in different schools/classrooms.
In this tutorial I would like to look at the way schools function through a sociological lense. I plan on doing this by first reading sociologists views on educations function and then seeing how those views apply to different kinds of schools. By the end of the semester I would like to have a firm grasp on what different sociologists see as the function of schools as well as to be comfortable making connections between the theory we have read and situations I observe outside of the classroom.
A study of how children acquire their first language, from a theoretical viewpoint. Will be reading works by Lois Bloom, Roger Brown, B.F. Skinner, and Noam Chomsky.
Advanced nonfiction writing.
In preparation for my year in absentia, I shall create a research proposal that will be doable, get IRB approval, and is flexible enough for an examination of educational environments (schools).
An introduction to the neuroscience of the brain and its impact on behavior.
In this course, we will seek to better understand the incredible ecological changes that have occurred as a result of human activity throughout our local history, including the impacts Native Americans, colonists, and modern day urbanization have had on our forests.
Rewilding is a form of conservation with the goal of restoring natural areas and processes to a previous state which is considered to be more natural and ecologically stable. We will examine the concept and practice of rewilding from an interdisciplinary perspective. This will include exploring the meeting place of human communities and nature communities.
In this tutorial I will analyze for data I received from my Castle in the Air Program Survey along with learning additional statistical theory and techniques that could be relevant to this project.
Research and development regarding the modification of running processes on Linux systems.
Continued development of a web application security scanning tool and research on automating the process of finding vulnerabilities.
Time allotted for the independent portion of Plan -- examination on programming languages, algorithms, Internet technology and computer security.
A first course in functions of a complex variable, covering analytic functions, complex integration and Laurent series. Advanced topics might include residue theory, confromal mappings, Fourier series and transforms or others, depending on time and student interest.
This tutorial aims to explore ways of writing about process in a way that is akin to participating in the process itself. Through reading of examples of this act done well as well as producing pieces of writing we will gain a better understanding of the documentation of processes. The goal is to use storytelling in a way that conveys a process accurately but avoiding simply listing what the process is and how to go about it.
Work to write a final plan paper on David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest
Continued work culminating in a plan paper on Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow.
This tutorial is an exploration of how Buddhist awakening is situated in our everyday life of food and friends.
In this tutorial we will explore the history of Japanese-Buddhist philosophical conceptions and social practices of materials, tools, and objects.
This tutorial serves to discuss, workshop, and edit drafts of my Plan on Concentration.
This tutorial focuses on our relationship to food, the teachings of the Buddha, and how they intersect with social and environmental concerns.
Exploration of the the connections between the categories of religion and modernity.
An exploration of the contested nature of Catholic life in a Protestant dominant society with an emphasis on the transition from the 19th to the 20th centuries.
A writing intensive tutorial focusing on the relationship between art, artists and a consumer based culture and society. Emphasis on the works of Alex Da Corte.
In this plan writing tutorial, we will be reading a selection of critical essays on Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping with a focus on memory. The tutorial will culminate in a hybrid essay that will combine literary analysis o Housekeeping with personal reflections on a remembered past.
A study of selected works of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries with a focus on themes of kinship and authority.
The tutorial will focus on a broad and advanced curriculum that attempts to provide a broad understanding of Islam that incorporates theological approaches and social scientific approaches to the study of Islam. The tutorial will be a continuation of an Islamic Studies Intensive done at the International Institute of Islamic Thought which very quickly took the students through the material. This will allow for more time to examine the material referenced during the intensive and provide more depth into what was being discussed. As well as focusing on many secondary texts discussing trends in Islamic thought, overviews of legal studies, and hadith scholarship, the tutorial will also focus on several seminal Islamic works of philosophy and theology to further enrich the course.
Utilizing St. Augustine to understand the power of God, the relationship humankind shares with God and how God acts as the very structure of our lives.
This tutorial will focus on Plato and Aristotle's theories of the good.
A tutorial to assist Jonah with his Plan work.
This tutorial will explore phenomenologies of place. We will read several important books that pursue a phenomenological inquiry into place, and after each book write a moderate-length paper.
This is a two credit satellite tutorial off of the Writing Seminar: Writing the First People. In this tutorial we will be reading contemporary Native Literature that explores the historical relationships between Native Americans and colonization and the importance of literature as a voice for Native Americans. In the writing seminar the class will be focusing on the questions "what does it mean to be native?" and through this tutorial we will be able to delve deeper into that question with the extra reading and conversation time.
An examination of Islamism in Tunisia since the turn of the century through external analyses, journalistic accounts and public statements by party members and officials. It will cover the political oppression targeting the Islamists and the communists under the Ben Ali regime, the different factions who participated in the 2011 uprising, and the rise of Ennahda.
This tutorial will look at the origins and structure of certain American social movements based around foreign policy issues, such as Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions and other Palestinian Rights Groups, Green Peace, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, and other, largely anti-war, groups.
In this tutorial I will reflect on my experience on Birthright Israel (Winter 2016-2017). I will begin by reflecting on the journal entries I made during and after the trip and will expand on to research about the issues raised by these reflections. As I continue to journal and talk with new friends from the trip, as well as my two older brothers (who were on the same trip) I hope to come away with a more satisfactory knowledge and view of Israel's history and culture.
This tutorial is designed for the student members of Selectboard to examine critically the functionality and accessibility of Town Meeting and Town Meeting based committees at Marlboro College. We will examine how our smaller system of community governance at Marlboro (and participation in that system) directly relates to being a civically engaged citizen of a representative democracy. We will reflect on the skills we have developed through participating in Selectboard that will empower us to remain engaged after Marlboro. Evaluation will be a reflection at the end of the semester, as check-in sessions throughout the semester in which the student members of Selectboard outline their specific initiatives for the semester, and give progress reports.
This tutorial is dedicated to an extensive research on the topic of my MA thesis with an aim to prepare thesis project and an application for a research grant by the end of this semester.
In this tutorial we will explore existential literature from authors such as Camus, Sartre, and Kierkegaard as a continuation of "All you have to make of it"facilitated by John Sheehy. This course will mainly rely on close readings and discussion as well as experimenting with writing styles while engaging with the text.
This tutorial will continue from where we left off last semester in Beginning 2 and Intermediate 1 developing speaking, reading, and writing skills.
This tutorial explores the theory and practice of Socially Engaged Buddhism.
Toni Morrison's novels will be at the center of this tutorial, including The Bluest Eye, Sula, Song of Solomon, Beloved, Paradise. , and A Mercy. We will also be reading a handful of writers who shaped -- and continue to shape -- the African American novel. Authors may include Zora Neale Hurston, Ann Petry, James Baldwin, Gloria Naylor, and Colson Whitehead.
This course aims to explore functional ceramics through a production style of creation. By exploring different forms and functions as well as a repetitive form of creation we will enhance both our technical abilities as well as our conceptual abilities. This course also explores what it means to be a production potter, the maintaining of a studio, clay making, glaze creation, firing kilns, as well as documentation and what happens to the objects after they are fired.
This tutorial aims to explore the process of weaving in hopes of gaining a new skill set as well as exploration of the folk craft tradition it is involved with. This course will begin with the construction of looms and then move into the creation of weavings. The goal is to relate the repetitive process of weaving to the repetitive process of production pottery and seeing how these processes interact and inform the creation of one and other.
This course aims to explore clay in a way outside of the realm of functional ceramics and using that knowledge and shift of process to inform further creation of functional work. By using clay as a medium for more sculptural work we will be able to find new possibilities, new ideas, and new ways to interact with the material.
A exploration of two-dimensional art as an accompaniment to senior sculpture, as well as facilitating the development of concepts for independent plan components.
This tutorial will be focused on the completion of sculpture and writing for plan.
This tutorial will be focused on completing four projects for my gallery show. Projects: all projects must be created, glazed, and fired before my show on the 16th of April. Finish the six pyramids. Create a series of slab based tiles. Create five light sconces. Finish hybrid sculptures.
With attention to the integration of painting elements in a final plan exhibition, this tutorial aims to facilitate a space for critique and discussion of three dimensional works and in particular, how to succesfully pair them with two-dimensional imagery.
This tutorial will focus on compositional elements of image-making, focusing mostly on color use and spatial arrangement to improve skills in drawing, painting, and printmaking.
This tutorial will be an internship at the New England Youth Theatre, with periodical check-ins with Jean O'Hara to discuss my progress and what I have learned at NEYT. Specifically, I will apprentice with the Technical Director learning all aspects of technical design for the upcoming five performances.
This tutorial will act as a continuation of the research project that was conducted in Belize. It will include transcription work and an autoethnographical component.
A hands-on workshop for the study of instrumentation for orchestral instruments through reading, listening and arranging exercises for forces ranging from chamber groups to chamber orchestra.
This tutorial aims to create a space for close discussion and strategies surrounding paintings created for a final senior exhibition.
A painting tutorial concerned with: the discrete object v. an interrelated group of work; European systems of representation; and working with representation v. abstraction.
A continuation of last semester's work on a plan paper about Sweden's welfare state.
Seniors will collaborate in a small tutorial to workshop plan writing.
Bacteria are often viewed as pathogenic yet many bacterial species live in a symbiotic relationship with various organisms. In this tutorial we will review primary literature on the relationships between bacteria and animal behavior. This will include an exploration of the influence of bacteria on behavior and of coevolutionary relationships between microbiota and animal species.
Clare and I will continue to work on a plan paper about Sweden's no-go zones and counter-terrorism efforts.

This course explores the construction of Haiti through its history, languages, and literatures from the 18th century to the present. Throughout the semester, special attention will be paid to colonialism, slavery, race, identity, languages and exile. We will also examine the function of the creole language in the construction of Haiti’s identity and in relation to the dominant French culture and language.

Additional Fee:$ 0

Reading news articles sourced from Israeli journalism and discussing them (pick a specific topic, not just Israeli-Palestinian conflicts in general) Studies in Hebrew
An introductory-level tutorial that will explore the theories and approaches to directing plays and then put them into practice. This will accompany Directing II as a means to gain fundamental knowledge of the art of directing and will culminate in directing a play for the Short Play Festival.
Private lessons with a teacher at the Brattleboro Music Center.
A tutorial to design a psychological study exploring how olfaction can influence subjects perception of sculptures and their environment. The goal is to examine the foundational characteristics of perception, how could it be influenced by scent, and how it interacts with the limbic system to cause emotional changes in the presence of scents.
The continuation, and culmination, of a plan research project.
A synthesis of the work in math done over the last several years and an evaluation of this via a series of examinations.
We will meet once a week to translate Catullus' poetry and study the textual transmission of Latin texts in the West. Meeting times will be Mondays, 11:30-12:30 in D13 (Lang Lab).
We will meet once a week to translate recipes from Apicius' De Re Coquinaria, study historic ingredients, and cook using our translations as recipes.
This tutorial will focus on Wittgenstein and his influence on the philosophy of mathematics. The tutorial will involve reading works by numerous philosophers in the field of mathematical structuralism as well as writing on their connection to Wittgenstein's work.
This tutorial will look at neuroscience from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. We will begin by exploring what kinds of claims neuroscientists make about what neuroscience actually explains about meaning. We will then look at some of the ways in which neuroscience is employed to explain meaning, for example with the neurohumanities. Then, we will explore questions about the limits of neuroscientific claims, drawing especially on work in science and technology studies and philosophy of mind.
This group tutorial will encourage alert and informed studio practice in sculpture. Readings and frequent critiques of work in progress will be employed along with some technical demonstration.
This group tutorial will encourage continued work with sound and form in site-specific installations. Students will share work frequently and engage with current sound art practice through presentations and field trips
The goals for this course are to have a basic understanding of how different ingredients effect a glaze. Culminating in making a glaze from scratch. Lastly to understand how different firing techniques effect the glaze.
Developing a basic skill set in digital imaging that will coinside with present and future areas of photograhic studies.
A laboratory for students who have already completed at least one semester of the choreography course to continue practicing and honing their choreographic skills.
This tutorial would explore the concept and practice of rewilding from an interdisciplinary perspective. It would explore (amongst other things) trends and methods of rewilding, the ideas behind rewilding, and critiques and debate concerning rewilding. Rewilding is a form of conservationism with the goal of restoring natural areas and processes to a previous state which is considered to be more natural and ecologically stable. The process of rewilding is often considered to be an act of healing by proponents and a dangerous and unpredictable practice by opponents.
A continuation of Learning to smell advancing my knowledge of olfaction while also developing my lab work and my olfaction studies.
Learning to generate sound effects with a "procedural audio" approach with Andy Farnell's "Designing Sound" textbook and the Pure Data (Pd) software system.
Course that will focus on the elementary nature of sound vibrations and waves. There will be a focus on the ways in which instruments, both physical and digital react and relate to the space in which they are played. A final project will implement learned concepts in the form of an installation piece.
Tutorial aimed at Junior and Senior Students in Physics who want to explore current research topics. Students will select and read peer reviewed physics articles. Various aspects of the chosen articles will be discussed during the meeting time, with emphasis on scientific writing and research methodology.
Exercises in the critical reading of fiction, with emphasis on producing critical essays.
In this tutorial, we will be reading novels and short fiction that cover a range of stylistic devices: first person narratives; non-linear chronology; multiples narratives; narratives driven by characters; narratives driven by plot. Authors may include: Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, Willa Cather, William Faulkner, Zadie Smith, Michael Ondaatje, Margaret Atwood, Ursula LeGuin, and Toni Morrison. Weekly written responses will help to shape our discussions.
Honing works of fiction for Plan or at an advanced level. As in the Fiction Workshop, students discuss and provide feedback on each other's work, but on a more in-depth level.
Continued reading of secondary material on Melville and Moby Dick that will culminate in a final plan essay..
This tutorial will be used to edit the writing portions of the student's plan as well as put them together with the images for the book.
This is a 2-credit tutorial which meets once a week focused on reading and memorizing Arabic poetry. The goal of this tutorial is to improve my Arabic reading comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar through the lens of poetry.
Continuando la tutoria de gramatica de este semestre.
Study, talk, and write about Native American literature and myth
This tutorial will be used to develop the student's performance portion of plan through experimentation, documentation, and exploration.
This tutorial will serve as weekly support in the completion of a Plan of Concentration in Experiential Education. Meetings will alternate between Jean O'hara and Jennifer Ramstetter.