Faculty: Kyhl Lyndgaard, Todd Smith

Co-Instructors: Kenton Card, Don Capponcelli, Randy Knaggs

A new community designed and built greenhouse provides Marlboro with a sturdy, attractive space for year-round farm-related activities. Now what?

Join the team that will begin to answer this question. The Marlboro Community Greenhouse is largely finished. But how will it be used? The purpose of this course is to bring together a team of faculty, staff, and students to study the performance of the greenhouse and how it can be integrated into the farm. For example: How much light does the greenhouse receive? How much heat does it retain? What kinds of plants are a good match between the performance of the building and the community’s needs? The course will be rooted in collaborative and site-specific learning: i.e. place-based pedagogy. We will generate empirical data on the greenhouse, coalesce the criteria into design solutions, and construct the project(s).

Students will be expected to contribute weekly to a class blog. Students interested in this class should be able to conceptualize problems in the arts and sciences, work well in teams, and not mind getting their hands dirty.

A linked writing seminar: you need to be simultaneously enrolled in at least one other class as designated in the syllabus.