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Instruction and guidance on writing for plan of concentration on Italian culinary history.
Techniques for problem solving in Logic testing
An advanced level course in Chinese translation
An analysis of population engineering through contemporary urban Beijing's One-Child Policy
A tutorial focused on researching and discussing the connections and relationship between dreams and dissociation.
A tutorial focusing on the further development of skills in three-dimensional design, ceramics, and photography through the production of artwork which relates thematically to dreams and dissociation.
A reading of various authors from the 19th and 20th centuries, exploring themes of knowledge and desire, and the structure of narrative. This tutorial will also be an exploration of the transformation of the role of the novel during the 19th century. Novels will include: Edgar Allen Poe "The Purloined Letter," Charles Dickens "Bleak House," D.H. Lawrence "The Rainbow," Mary Shelley "Frankenstein," Oscar Wilde "Picture of Dorian Gray," Mark Twain "Adventure of Huckleberry Finn," Italo Clavino "If on a Winter's Night a Traveler," and George Eliot "Middlemarch"
An independent study combining direct observation with the model, and studio painting and drawing working towards issues of memory, time, and space.
An introduction to curation as a profession and art criticism in general supported by an examination of contemporary art review and the writing of reviews in addition to research around curatorial practice and other professional mechanisms.
Plan writing seminar with review of key works and discussion.
A focus on social media; it's functions and dysfunctions for different classes and status groups.
This tutorial examines the economics of innovation and technological change, with an emphasis on the the behavior of the firm and its response to changing opportunities and constraints. Topics include organizational decision making, impacts on labor and employment, the significance of the digital revolution, the diffusion of new technology and the effects of globalization.
A one-on-one tutorial in which I will produce and revise the bulk of my Plan writing.
Study of the history, cultural mythology, and political mobilization through propaganda in Serb society, prior to the Balkan wars of the 1990s.
FULL TITLE: Thinking Critically About Nationalism, Ethnicity and 'Groupness': How Identity is Mobilized to Violence

Through this tutorial, I aim to deepen my understanding of the roots of genocide through an exploration of the theories and sociology of ethnic conflict. By attempting to deconstruct the ideas of nation and ethnicity I will seek to problematize the categories and structures closest to both historical and contemporary discussions of genocide.
A supplement to the Feminist and Queer Theory course which will aid Lauren in her Plan writing.
A tutorial on the psychology and practice of mentoring.
This course analyzes developmental psychology and the identity development process experienced during adolescence.
A focus on writing, and on connecting the religious and psychological pieces of my plan in a fluid and understandable manner.
A further examination of the folk crafts of China and the current Chinese educational landscape.
We will meet once a week to discuss readings from the biochemistry text and end-of-chapter questions. Each week Aerika will also choose and article related to the chapter readings and write a half-page summery of the article. In the last quarter of the semester Aerika will write a 6 to 8 page paper on a biochemistry topic of her choosing.
A weekly (and possibly eventually bi-weekly) project-based tutorial focused on the understanding and creation of long-form comics. Texts to be used, if any, would be Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" and "Making Comics", perhaps with some examination of other artists as examples. The course would assume a basic understanding of the artistic tools involved and primarily involve developing skills such as page and panel composition, story pacing, art consistency, depiction of movement, and other elements of comics' "language" in the process of developing a longer work.
A senior Plan writing tutorial on the built landscape of Budapest at the turn-of-the-century,in political, cultural, and artistic contexts.
An advanced writing tutorial focused on the activities of nationalist and international painting in Fin-de-Siecle Hungary, with particular focus on the work of Károly Ferenczy, and his relationship between the figure and the landscape.
A seminar devoted entirely to the process, evolution, and production of the Plan of Concentration.
Plan tutorial exploring the drafting and editing of original works of fiction.
Plan writing tutorial finalizing in the presentation of an extended research paper on William Faulkner in the oral examination.
A two credit tutorial exploring themes of nature and wilderness in selected works of environmental literature and four works by Edward Abbey. A final research paper is required.
First we will read Racine's Phedre and Euripides' Hippolytus. We will also investigate Julia Kristeva's concept of intertextuality as a tool for an ensuing analysis. We will focus on the ways in which Marcel Proust's depiction of the performance of Racine's Phedre is intertextual in that it exhibits the layering of allusion to other texts both metaphorically and directly. We will discuss how the narrative style of layering text reflects Proust's portrayal of the other as a metaphorical text, whose history can be viewed and unraveled.
This course seeks to investigate literary representations of alternative subjects, focusing on Proust's treatment of his homosexual and jewish characters, and his "alter-ego" of the straight, subliminally Jewish Marcel in Remembrance of Things Past. We will compare and contrast this with Toni Morrison's depiction of the black female experience in Beloved. We will identify the variations in the two author's approaches to documenting alternative subjectivity through focusing on the metaphor of the Name in Proust and the metaphor of the house in Morrison.
This tutorial will be a survey of classic and contemporary texts in literary theory, with a particular focus on intertextuality.
Studying the Film's of Antonioni and examining their representations of class and gender and how they use nontraditional narrative and experimental techniques- partially comparing them to the films of Bunuel, another iconoclast.
A senior writing tutorial focused on discussing and composing a plan paper about the reality of poverty in current society.
A class focused on composing, structuring and discussing research papers.
A one hour cello lesson once a week at the Brattleboro Music Center taught by Judith Serkin.
This tutorial will continue our reading on narrative style and will culminate in a completed Plan paper on Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient.
An exploration of the non-fiction styles Tim O'Brien employed in his seminal work The Things They Carried.
This tutorial will focus translating texts from Anglo Saxon, early Middle English, and later Middle English to create a path showing the evolution of the English language.
A tutorial dedicated to editing and directing techniques of several plan productions.
Writing and directing a staged reading of two plays "Sheltered" and "Valley Town"
A five credit plan writing tutorial dedicated to researching and writing a plan paper.
A plan writing tutorial journeying through the the miss-interpretations of identity, American's abroad, and scrabble.
Reading and discussions to supplement Plan Writing Seminar in Asian Studies
An experiential learning course in which I teach "Seminar on Nikolai Gogol's Dead Souls," aimed at gaining teaching experience and teaching a seminar on a Russian novel to fellow students. Work preparatory research on the novel, lesson plan and syllabus preparation, in-class time with students, paper grading, student conferences, and meetings with co-teacher to discuss the progress of the class.
A tutorial aimed at the completion of a paper on Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov and Tolstoy's War and Peace and The Kreutzer Sonata. Readings will include biographies of both authors, selected short work and nonfiction, and selected short criticism. For Dostoevsky, thematic focus will be on history and politics and religious ethics. Work on Tolstoy will focus on women's roles through a feminist lens. In the study of both authors, we will emphasize the role of the novel as articulation of Russian national identity.
A survey of 20th and 21st century literary theory and criticism, with a particular focus on feminist literary theory,
A broad exploration of the role of music in drama. Investigations will probe diverse historical models, theoretical frameworks, and interpretive conventions and issues found in performance paradigms. How does music drive the drama? How does drama drive the music?
This tutorial will examine themes of history, memory, and documentation in the works of Calvino and Borges. We will then examine these themes in the following novels: 
Youth Without Youth by Elide; The Street of the Crocodiles by Schulz; Kis’ Encyclopedia of the Dead; Pekic’s How to Quiet a Vampire; The Palace of Dreams by Kadare; War and War by Krasznahorkai; W.G. Sebald's Austerlitz; Bazdulji’s The Second Book; and Words are Something Else by Albahari.
A reading of Paul Ricoeur's three volume work, Time and Narrative," in order to gain an understanding of narratology and literary criticism.
An examination of cultural documents in the context of post-Yugoslav history and studies of collective memory
A plan tutorial dedicated to exploring methods in which to build a dollhouse inspired by those constructed in the 17th century Dutch republic.
An interpretation of the popular practice of dollhouse construction in the Dutch golden age as an expression of the changing dynamics of domestic life.
An advanced look into the issues of gender and domestic space represented in Vermeer's domestic interiors.
the final push for a lone plan student who builds art using sharp objects.
Investigations of how various artists channel passions of despair, grief, and angst into forms of expression. Tutorial deliberations will lead to completion of an essay.
To write a series of vignettes about life in Nigeria as an expatriate, re-writing in line with criticism delivered by John Sheehy, meeting once per week.
To meet once a week to discuss 'Dead Souls,' to include a series of short papers on selected, related topics.
The advance of technology has of course never been in a vacuum. Dissemination of know-how ebbs and flows according to relationships between the disseminators. This tutorial proposes to discern patterns in these relationships.
A one-on-one tutorial focused on the life and work of the photographer Francesca Woodman. Tutorial work includes reading and writing a Plan paper.
A tutorial for a Senior II writing plan work in art history.
This seminar is designed to give participants an opportunity to workshop their writing, get feedback on their ideas and share their advanced work with their peers.
A plan tutorial in preparation for a senior show in video installation for spring 2012.
This course will cover the development of music in Latin America, focusing on Spanish influence on music in the new world. We will cover music from the medieval period in Spain through the discovery of the New World and ending with the late nineteenth century.
Students participating in this workshop commit to a semester-long creative process directed by one of their fellow students who is a senior on Plan in Dance. The process culminates in a final performance of the Plan student's work.
Will be reading primarily British literature written between 1880 and 1930; will be analyzing in responses and at least two papers of 20+ pages, how the cultural changes before, during and after WWI changed the literature of Britain.
Performing in and working on multiple senior plan productions
A study of the use of art as an ethnographic and anthropological tool. This tutorial will be used to create a written and painted book as one element of Plan work.
An exploration of the impact of US immigration policy on the lives of undocumented Latino immigrants and their communities through interviews, participant observation, and other research methods. This work will result in the completion of a major Plan paper.
Critical analysis of Mexican immigration history in the U.S., focusing on the influences of colonialism on the present. This work will result in the completion of a major plan paper.
A study of racism in language, focusing on its implications in the current debate over Mexican immigration. This work will result in the completion of a major plan paper.
A group tutorial focused on the production and collaborative editing of plan writing based in politics, but extending into other disciplines, primarily economics and cultural history.
A tutorial focused on the production and editing of plan writing in the field of cultural history on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
A tutorial focusing on completion of plan projects. This includes exploration of statistical and financial models.
This tutorial revisits topics from across the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, culminating in a series of examinations on these topics.
A seminar dedicated to completion of plan work in history. This tutorial will focus on a major paper dedicated to the development of urban fire departments in the US and England.
An exploration of religious exchange between Tibet and China as well as its political implications.
A tutorial in contemporary Mexican fiction including work by Rulfo, Paz, and Fuentes.
A tutorial focusing on drug trafficking in Mexico and its attendant violence, with an emphasis on the causes and consequences of chronic violence. Work for the tutorial will include library research and Plan paper writing.
In this tutorial we will focus on the narrative aspects of literature and history. We will consider how the historical narrative differs from the literary one, and how one may supplement and support the other.
This is part of a joint tutorial with Adam Franklin-Lyons.
This tutorial will focus on primitive techniques for building, decorating, and firing pots. The intention is to create functional ware not made for the table or stove. We will discuss uses and techniques from various past and contemporary cultures around the world.
This tutorial will focus on the difference between oral and literary histories. We will discuss the Medieval transition to written histories as well as more modern cases of oral history and storytelling. The themes of audience, truth, and retelling with be important pieces. This is part of a joint tutorial with Adam Franklin-Lyons focusing on the creation of modern European style analytical history
This tutorial will focus on the narrative aspects of historical writing. We will discuss the idea of truth within the historical narrative as well as the idea of plot and literary voice.
This is part of a joint tutorial with Geraldine Pittman de Batlle.
This tutorial will focus on the creation of modern historical writing. We will read authors who are considered to be "the fathers" of modern historical though and style. We will discuss the changing perception of truth in the field of history as well the role of the voice of the author in historical texts. This is part of a joint tutorial with Richard Glezjer focusing on the creation of modern European style analytical history
A further examination of whether the Grundtvigian model can assist the preservation of traditional craft in China.
Senior plan writing seminar in Asian Studies.
Further work and writing on the folk high school as a global movement.
Revising,rehearsing and producing my original script for plan.
Plan paper on betrayal and the disorientation of the audience in theatre productions.
This tutorial will focus on the execution of final plan work in the Visual Arts. Work will consist of building and assembling a series of sculptural installations which will explore the idea of "Occupation" as social and political engagement.
This tutorial will consist of reading works for Plan on radical environmentalism and resistance movements, as well as starting to write Plan papers.
A Plan paper tutorial studying the plays and films of Martin McDonagh. The paper focuses on issues of realism and representation in McDonagh's work, with a consideration of violence and comedy, narrative and morality.
The rehearsal and performance of an original theatre play. The tutorial will include the play's writing, direction, and design as elements.
This course will focus on Plan and what I need to do in order to finish. The course will focus on the DM model.
Formatting for Plan and other various stylistic choices will be discussed and focused on, with the ultimate goal of having solidly good papers for a Plan in linguistics.
Through this tutorial I will offer a not-for-credit class in Irish step dancing to other students. The class will meet at 8:00 on Tuesday evenings and will include all levels. Material will include learning the basic principles and rhythms in Irish dance, as well as some group dances. I will meet with Kristin once a week to discuss the class objectives, how they are being achieved, and any other progress or ideas (field trips, performances, etc).
Tutorial to help complete writing for a Plan in Dance
The tutorial investigates kinesthetic empathy in the performance of poetry. Writing will be included in Plan.
An exploration of the ancient Maya through readings and short writing assignments, with a focus on epigraphy and the role of symbols in Maya culture.
A tutorial for discussing, editing, and preparing to present a paper at the 2012 annual Tolkien Conference at the University of Vermont.
Writing and preparing short stories for inclusion in the Work of Plan
An examination of the novels of William Faulkner and the body of Faulkner criticism, with an eye toward producing a finished, plan-length draft.
A continuation of study in the processes of hand-made and digital animation. This class will focus on exploring a broad range of animation styles while also continuing the applications of editing, voice recording and sound effects.
A continued technical investigation of painting in mixed mediums including oil and acrylic. Working at various scales, a series of paintings will be produced that relate to notions of mythology in relation to modern ways of thinking.
This tutorial will focus on the narrator in Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov.' The goal is to complete a Plan paper analyzing the relationship between the narrator and the multi-layered structure of the novel.
A tutorial devoted to the completion of a Plan paper on the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, focused on illuminating the extent to which Hopkins's innovative use of meter, intricate biblical allusions, and his presentation of his internal dialogue between faith and doubt, all illustrate his poetry as a religious experience for the poet.
Script revision, rehearsal and production of my original script for my plan.
A continued workshop exploring different video editing techniques geared towards theater production and stage design.
This tutorial will explore the impact of Comte and Durkheim, and their relation to different methods and perspectives in sociological traditions. The objective will be two strong essays on sociological tradition and academic responsibility and integrity.
This tutorial will focus on the improvement and collection of previously presented ideas into a concise and relevant paper. The relationship between the need to communicate and the need to persuade will be explored in constructing a final paper in tutorial meetings, while arguments presented will also be critiqued.
A survey of behavioral economics, its history, methodologies and applications, focusing on papers that are important to the development of the field and that illustrate the various applications of behavioral theory.
This weekly tutorial will read some scholarship in the areas of queer, feminist, and trans theories, with a particular focus on work by writers who are members of the communities they discuss. It will also strive to examine intersections between these disciplinary boundaries, and increase the student's familiarity with theoretical thinking and writing generally.
The exploration of the nature of interpersonal relationships in different communities, focusing on how the quality of relationships supports and or interferes with personal fulfillment.
A series of works that employ a three dimensional situations with objects, sounds and images, preparing for Senior Plan sculpture.
A research tutorial exploring the nature of the Satan and his minions in medieval thought
The tutorial will focus on the evolution of Greek and Roman myth throughout the two cultures as represented by extant material.
A look at the history of biological thought including views from authors in various scientific fields related to evolutionary biology. Reading important authors such as Gould I will progressively work my way through post-Darwin scientific history until the present.
This tutorial serves as the venue for my independent plan work. In this tutorial I will review my physics education over the last few years. A comprehensive exam will be taken approximately every 3 weeks.
The purpose of this tutorial is to produce a 20% plan paper. The paper will investigate interpretation as a foundational issue of quantum physics through the examination of a number of specific interpretations. We will address the orthodox interpretation, Feynman's path over histories formulation, Bohmian Mechanics as well as the Many World Interpretation.
Writing fiction pieces, discussing them, and going over re-writes. Includes reading several books on the structure and analysis of fiction writing.
A chronological and thematic study of the North African part of the "Arab Spring." We will start with the backgrounds of these countries and then explore the "revolutions" that may still be in the process of taking place. Throughout the course, we will attempt to answer questions such as: What does it mean to generalize something as the "Arab Spring?" Who are/were the actors involved? What kind of strategies did they use? Who did they influence and who influenced them? How were movements co-opted? What role did Identity play?
Reading Machiavelli's theories of mankind as well as personal experience in political activism to practice skills in close reading and clear writing.
A senior plan writing tutorial with supporting readings on the relationship between National Security policy, changing media strategy, the evolution of the culture of fear in the post 9/11 era.
A senior plan writing tutorial workshopping elements of TV drama screenwriting such as style, narrative, structure, character, and format.
Drawing largely but not exclusively on readings in anthropology, this
senior plan tutorial will survey the work of a range of authors writing on such
topics as gendered violence, the violence of poverty, the aftermath of
violence, witnessing, and representing violence.
A plan-level tutorial in copper etching, ink drawing, and watercolor. This independent study will be centered on the production of artwork based on traditional fairy tales. Artistic references will include golden age illustration, manuscript illumination, medieval architecture, and contemporary art.
A plan-writing tutorial examining early Insular manuscript culture from both an art historical and social historical perspective. The tutorial will cover such notable manuscripts as the Book of Kells and the Book of Lindisfarne. Special attention will be given to the lives of illuminators, the scriptorium, monastic life, materials and techniques, and iconography.
An exploration of the anthropological literature on plant use in religious rituals and everyday practice in lowland Peru. In particular we will examine the usage of different plants as they relate to midwifery, healing practices as well as shamanistic rituals.
A tutorial supporting completion of Plan work centered on the United Nations agencies in the food and hunger issue area. This tutorial surveys key programs and the rules that govern them as well as supporting deeper research into one or several such programs.
A group tutorial focused on the production and collaborative editing of plan writing based in politics, but extending into other disciplines, primarily economics and cultural history.
Continuation of Advanced Chinese I. Students read selections from an advanced textbook, participate in class discussion, learn new grammar and vocabulary, and compose several original essays.
Lead Role in Student Plan Production
I will embed small microcontrollers in physical objects, providing an inexpensive means of adding interactivity and complex behaviors in response to user input.

Work for the class will involve two major fabrication projects, both with extensive written documentation.
Continued Plan work with computer controlled elements and prosthetic devices in the direction of a gallery show.
A tutorial sharpening interview methods, with a goal of interviewing people on the subjects of disaster and IT infrastructure.
Focus on writing across the disciplines, focusing especially on communicating technical nuances in the discourse of the humanities.
Our goal will be to complete analysis of the major works on Dostoevsky and Camus, with supplementary criticism and to complete a plan paper on the two authors. Our focus will be specifically on each author's use of paradox. This tutorial will meet weekly and is for six credits.
An exploration of health education based around fieldwork in Brattleboro High School.
An exploration of community health issues coupled with hands-on work in the field.
An exploration of the gender and social psychological problems that men face in contemporary society
A group tutorial for Plan students (at the junior and senior level) working on choreography.
A reading tutorial exploring women as artistic subject, women as audience for art, and women as artists in the 20th century.
A review of prominent issues and critiques within the field of development and international aid focusing specifically on the development discourse itself (and the suggestion that an alternative is necessary).
A review of the political aspects of the anthropological discourse, in particular the relationship between the "ethnographer" and the peoples studied, as well as the purpose of study.
A study of the popular late 60's film Bonnie and Clyde in the context of
the cultural, social and economic changes that were transforming both
Hollywood and the wider society.
In this tutorial, we'll explore an object's relationship to its space, form, and material. We'll also investigate possible solutions for installation in a gallery setting.
An exploration of the visual language of printed tiles, with an emphasis on the ways in which arrangements in color, form, image, texture, and pattern inform and communicate meaning.
An exploration of Vogue Magazine with an emphasis on discourses of feminism and femininity in the contemporary era.
A tutorial on the image-making process, including the role of the photographer and the ways in which viewers generate meaning from images.
A starting point to further study of brewing. A broad survey/study of topics as an introduction to the material available, with the intention of acquainting myself with something I will get more specific with later on.
In this tutorial, we will learn and discuss women's anatomy, birth and infectious disease. One 20-page plan paper will be produced on a quantitative baseline study of common diseases in a rural town in Kenya's Mara Region. In addition, the student will complete two exams; one on women's anatomy and the second on the biology of infectious diseases.
In this tutorial we will use foundational texts in the field of medical anthropology such as Margaret Lock and Nancy Scheper Hughes’ Prolegomenon, Death Without Weeping and Beyond the Body Proper in order to consider the project of writing feminist ethnography with a sympathetic and supportive voice for local women’s empowerment activists. This tutorial will produce one Plan paper on bio-medicine and Maasai women.
In this tutorial, we will produce plan writing on the subject of female genital cutting in Colonial Kenya between 1920 and independence in 1963.
A continuation on the dissociation tutorial that took place last semester.
A tutorial looking at Evolutionary psychology
A tutorial looking at ecological psychology.
A tutorial focused on thinking about horror and analyzing the ethical dimension of horror films.
A chronological and thematic study of the North African part of the "Arab Spring." We will start with the backgrounds of these countries and then explore the "revolutions" that may still be in the process of taking place. Throughout the course, we will attempt to answer questions such as: What does it mean to generalize something as the "Arab Spring?" Who are/were the actors involved? What kind of strategies did they use? Who did they influence and who influenced them? How were movements co-opted? What role did Identity play?
My aim in this tutorial is to work toward the creation of a body of landscape sculpture. This body of work and the process of making it will contribute to my Plan exhibition.
An exploration of topics within urban ecology and greenspace design. This tutorial will serve as a vehicle for plan research and writing.
A continuation of a study of the bees species with a focus on Apis species
Investigation of sculpture that relates to the architecture of bees.
A tutorial focusing on the connection between the works of Jacques Lacan and Martin Heidegger
A plan writing tutorial focusing on principle ideas of Lacanian Psychoanalysis, and how they apply to everyday life.
Focusing on completing four separate videos to be included in my Plan theater work. This tutorial further investigates digital video and audio editing techniques with a concentration in audio dialog correction and sound sweetening.
A tutorial designated to revising and editing the final Plan paper titled, "The Silence Within Trauma."
A tutorial designated to revising, rehearsing, and producing my original multimedia production for Plan.
A tutorial focusing on the revision of original script by linking study abroad experience and original source research with dramatic narrative.
An examination of the process of designing, organizing, participating in, and setting up a ceramic art show.
A study of different ways of to think about and communicate history; through writings, lectures, and exhibits.
A study of the Confederacy's inner struggle to remain dedicated to it's war effort through social unrest, military and civilian clashes, and a crippling famine.
An overview of recent engagements with Hegel that will specifically focus on the figures of Alexander Kojeve and Jean Hyppolite and their influence on their circle of friends, contemporaries, and students. The tutorial will engage with the seminal works Introduction to the Reading of Hegel and The Genesis and Structure of the Phenomenology of Spirit as well as intellectual histories and accounts of Hegel in the 20th century by Judith Butler (Subjects of Desire), Bruce Baugh (French Hegel), and Tom Rockmore.
This tutorial will address the major topics in Zizek's thought including the death drive, sexuation, the vanishing mediator, the 'figure of the jew', the politics and philosophy of revolution, ecology, terrorism, and the divided subject.
A course devoted to a close reading of Foucault's text on sexuality and its relevance to psychoanalysis, namely Freud and Lacan.
Continuing independent study in studio and documentary photography
Continuing study in material techniques and conceptual sculpture
Meeting to discuss observations and data collected through fieldwork. Readings in methodology and theory of early childhood education - specifically the Waldorf system in contrast with other forms of alternative education. Other area of focus: examining different research methods for collecting and interpreting observational data for incorporation into a Plan paper.
Continuing to record observations twice a week at the Waldorf preschool and kindergarten in Brattleboro - documenting children's social and developmental progress throughout the school year. Also may include gathering data through other research methods.
2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, 1923 Kanto Earthquake and the 1996 Kobe Earthquake. An analysis of disaster and recovery.
A review examining the role that non-flying mammals play in the pollination of angiosperms.
A literature review of the influences on and deviations from monogamy in birds.
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