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A class examining the hand-drawn, digitally shot, frame by frame, animation process with a focus on script writing, storyboarding and character development.
How do you evoke a specific emotion, subject matter or object in abstract art? Answering this question by reading scientific studies and articles on our reactions/physiology with color and form, and applying this knowledge to an array of abstract artists.
An exploration of aspects of musical theatre from the conception of libretti, lyrics, and score to techniques and aesthetics of staging in comparative productions.
Victorian England, through the use of secondary and primary sources, will focus on the historical, literary, religious, and social conditions in Victorian England. The first month will focus on the cultural/social background of Europe (specifically England) from 1450-1789, in preparation for an in-depth exploration of Victorian England (1815-1901): particular focus will be placed on gender roles, questions of religion and morality, and the importance of the reciprocal relationship between literature, religion and history. This will give us an idea of how the Victorian Era and the literature that sprouted from it might have come from the influence of the centuries before.
The history, structure, and management of the electricity grid and the role of renewables in its future.
A study of the evolution of economic thought and theory, and the historical contexts that gave rise to them, from the early modern period to the present.
Tutorial for Plan research and writing about the effects on global hunger of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Programme, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, and other intergovernmental organizations.
Exploration of models of technological change in the economic tradition.
Tutorial for the writing of a long paper exploring themes of loss and meaning in Proust's In Search of Lost Time and Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury and Go Down, Moses.
This is designed to be a two (2) credit reading based tutorial that will provide me with a basis of knowledge in long-standing American myths, tropes, and narratives with a particular eye to understanding how some of these were mobilized in popular discourse after 9/11.
A reading and discussion seminar that uses contemporary political theorists to advance each student's plan project.
A consideration of strategies and methods to employ in student-teaching a course.
A writing tutorial that builds on Alexia's internship with Senator Patrick Leahy.
A study of fairy and folk tales, emphasizing variations of specific tales, modern redactions of classic tales in movies and books, and post-1970's feminist reconsiderations of fairy tale heroines.
Reading tutorial exploring the possibilities of utilizing the Grundtvigian Folk High School model for preserving folk craft in China.
A group tutorial exploring racial, gender and class conflict and it's resolution.
Discussion of the monologue as a sub-genre, and the writing of a collection of dramatic monologues."
A continuation of the studies exploring the world of the television program "Mad Men" that were explored in the spring of 2011. We will continue to have discussions based on episodes of the show, books and articles on the characters in the 1960s and how they behave and how society wants them to behave both at home and in the world place based on class, gender and job in the work place.
A forum for creation, revision and discussion of musical settings of poetry. Original music produced will contribute to a portfolio of work to be presented in the spring. Some written critical analysis of other composers' settings will be produced.
An exploration of the secondary and tertiary consequences of rapid technological change and the attempts to control and amend it.
Studying the imported social structures from New York and New England into the Vermont Republic.
Advanced video editing for a series of four short films that will be included in my plan production in the spring.
A group tutorial for senior one plan students who are writing performance plans. Students will write and workshop their scripts which will be produced in their senior two semesters.
An exploration of art, politics, and society. with an emphasis on Marxist Aesthetics.
An introduction to various intaglio printmaking techniques.
The purpose of this tutorial is to study the works and ideas of Joseph Campbell. The tutorial will consist of a close reading of Campbell's book, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces", as well as watching the PBS series "The Power of Myth" as the basis for discussing the concepts in the study of mythology put forth by Campbell.
An introduction to reading Old English with some discussion about the evolution of the English language.
This course will review the seminal papers on the theory of the firm, representing transaction-costs, knowledge-based, resource-based, and marxian perspectives, among others.
A study of the relationships between economic structures and economic outcomes, drawing on theoretical perspectives including the principal-agent problem, contract theory, asymmetric information, and the nature of incentives
A broad survey of economic perspectives on growth and development, technological progress, and entrepreneurial innovation focusing on institutional perspectives.
A study of economic systems as they relate to game design and how game design can inform real world systems.
A tutorial focusing on Social Network Analysis, a branch of network theory focusing on the connections between individuals.
The task of making an art object relies on the premise that its visual language contains notes from the past – that the information it holds carries a multiplicity of meanings. With these ideas in mind, this tutorial not only examines the complex process of making a ceramic art piece, but it also aims to problematize its function in a gallery setting.
An introduction to designing and constructing ceramic kilns.
The task of making an art object relies on the premise that its visual language contains notes from the past – that the information it holds carries a multiplicity of meanings. With these ideas in mind, this tutorial not only examines the complex process of making a ceramic art piece, but it also aims to problematize its function in a gallery setting
Learning the art of doing local research, what to look for and how to find it. This will require going out to the archives and historical societies in the surrounding area.
An exploration of the secondary and tertiary consequences of rapid technological change and the attempts to control and amend it.
An advanced course that specifically addresses the brain and its basis for behavior, with an in depth look at vision science.
A reach tutorial on the phenomenon of dissociation.
In this tutorial we will first explore basic concepts using a textbook, then later in the semester delve in to selected topics in more detail using primary literature. We will meet weekly to discuss chapter readings, end-of-chapter practice problems, and journal articles.
A literature review culminating in a paper exploring subjects of avian reproductive biology from cuckolds to brood parasites.
A continuation of Latin study, included the end of Wheelock's Latin followed by translation of a segment of Thomas More's Utopia, possibly in addition to other works.
A concentration in inkjet printing, including color and black and white Piezography techniques.
Pre- and Post- Production of short films, including shooting and non-linear editing.
Attending Tell It Slant
An in depth examination of the struggles faced by the soldiers and civilians of the Confederacy during the last phase of the Civil War.
An exploration of the theory and practice behind curating historical presentations and art exhibits.
This tutorial will explore the coming out process and the steps of identity development that lead up to and follow coming out.
Plan writing
A plan writing tutorial on William Hogarth's satirical engravings and how the print medium enhances the potential of their content to make social and political comment.
In This course we will explore intermediate and advanced techniques in printing black and white images. We will explore darkroom processing and printing chemistry, papers, and methods, honing skills master printers utilize. Some specifics covered: large and medium format prints, contact prints, split filtering, single image development and metering, the zone system and homemade developers. Class time is split between critique and darkroom demonstration/work.
Work in advanced creative nonfiction, with an emphasis on the travel writing genre. To culminate in a plan paper.
In this course we will focus on writing creative non fiction and how it can be applied to visual narratives.
A once a week meeting to review films and books relating to the relationship between Asian films and the Western genre.
A continuation of the examination of Asian cinema and the Western genre.
This tutorial examines the visual and textual representations of young women in the Ladies’ Home Journal between 1925 and 1929. We will investigate the link between the changing role of young women and the broad cultural and social transformations of the early twentieth century.
An exploration of the interplay between popular American film and the evolving society of the late 20th Century.
A plan reading and writing seminar focused on home security and the American family during the Cold War
In this tutorial, we will explore current literature on medical anthropology with a focus on women's health issues in East Africa. This work will contribute to Plan writing on women's health in Kenya.
An anthropological consideration of international conservation projects based in part on fieldwork abroad. The goal of this tutorial is to finish a Plan paper.
Review of development anthropology literature and consideration of how applied anthropological work is used within the field of development, in particular within the non-profit community.
A survey of ethnographic and historical writings on Africa with a goal of focusing on a particular country or region as preparations for a spring 2012 internship in Africa develop.
A one-on-one tutorial focused on interview techniques and ethnographic writing.
Plan work on the experiences of Mexican immigrants in the U.S., using studies from Oaxaca, Mexico and Tucson, Arizona.
An application of Bourdieu's DISTINCTION and other texts to do a study of contemporary Beijing's One-Child Policy and the undertaking by the CCP to define 'civilization'.
A in depth study of Chinese nationalism and patriotism primarily between dissidents and passionate youths.
A weekly tutorial dedicated to revising and finalizing senior writing on the complex fabric of the Balkan region's cultural heritage, its fate during the wars of the 1990s, and subsequent restoration efforts.
An advanced tutorial dedicated to completion of work on a comparative analysis of urban spaces in a select number of Balkan cities with special attention given to the cultural and social significance of the built environment and public monuments.
An individual tutorial in political theory, focusing on the political consequences of the new health regime.
A tutorial focused on reading and writing dance criticism and theory for a Plan in Dance. Readings will focus on choreographic processes, specific choreographers, and the dancer-audience relationship.
This course will be focused on building and maintaining a conversational level of vocabulary and grammar in Italian, continuing the studies from Conversational Italian I.
This tutorial will explore the principles of game theory
An advanced tutorial on critically assessing the role of personal identity in the paintings of Michelangelo and Caravaggio.
This tutorial will be focused on the themes domesticity and gender present in art of the Dutch golden age.
A study of portraiture in photography.
In this tutorial we are studying the history of Boston from the colonial period to the beginnings of the 20th century. Much of the work will be centered on a research project using archives and records from the city to discuss the development of public fire fighting and the creation of the Boston fire department.
The object of this course will be to provide the necessary groundwork for further research into the topic of Linear Warfare.
A study of the history of games and their role in society.
Instruction and council on plan work.
A study of mental health practices from the 1700's to the present day. Focus on deaf/disabled institutions throughout history.
This course will investigate the Medieval European legal traditions, their precedents, and their later influences. Through extensive use of primary sources we will look at several of the major legal traditions of the Medieval World including Roman Law, Canon Law, Barbarian Law, and the eventual development of the Ius Commune during the late middle ages.
Research into the political thought of the Early Modern period with a focus on Thomas More's Utopia.
Plan writing seminar with as needed reading on Grundtvig and the spread of his folk high school ideal.
Editing student's own documentary film work, group work watching and critiquing editing.
A continuation of themes and ideas explored in Video Installation I.
A close review of the screenplay, Northern Borders, followed by a breakdown and development of an implementation strategy and budget for the Spring 2011 production.
A class about American Indian literature, whether we should call it that, if it even exists, and the themes of sovereignty it may or may not contain.
This tutorial is meant to provide the theoretical basis for an active research project on solar flares. Topics will include (but are not limited to) spectroscopy and photometry, Magnetohydrodynamics, and Magnetic Reconnection. This tutorial and the research it supports will constitute the majority of my plan project.
This tutorial is a continuation of research work taken over the previous summer. Much of this tutorial will be in collaboration with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. Work done in this tutorial will be presented at the 2011 Fall/Winter American Geophysical Union meeting and possibly another conference. This tutorial, in conjunction with Solar Physics Theory, will serve to create the bulk of my plan project work.
Intermediate French
Grammar, reading, writing, speaking, translation and listening comprehension in Japanese. In follow-up to an internship and home-stay in Hiroshima, Japan.
This course will deal largely with morphosyntactic theory, especially in regards to argument selection. We will review Siddiqi, as well as read Embick and Bowers.
An introduction to Natural Language Processing, and the combination of Computer Science and Linguistics that is needed in the field.
An exploration of what it means to view and analyze dances that come from cultures other than one's own, conducted in preparation for fieldwork to be completed the following semester. Readings will include dance cultures from around the world with an emphasis on dances of Africa.
An introduction to special relativity and quantum mechanics. Specific topics include wave-particle duality, the Schroedinger equation, angular momentum, the hydrogen atom and quantum statistical mechanics.
A study of the life and work of William Blake. This tutorial will explore the influences on Blake's poetry and his impact on the course of philosophy and art.
Discussion of qualitative and quantitative research methods as they relate to the field of development.
An individual tutorial to narrow the focus of my plan and figure out what it is going to be about.
This group writing tutorial develops strategies and skills necessary for completing a Plan in Biology through peer criticism and guided independent work.
The tutorial will be geared toward completing a comprehensive overview of relevant literature for a plan in Evolutionary Psychology.
An exploration of women's health in Kenya consisting of a literature review and field data analysis.
When we think about narratives, we most often think of prose—words that tell a story. But what happens when writers—novelists, memoirists, and nonfiction writers—integrate images into their narratives—photographs archived in history museums, personal photographs, or evocative graphics that merge with the written text? In this tutorial, we will investigate the elusive dialogue between words and visual images, and consider how we "read" or interpret both prose and pictures. Writers will include Tim O’Brien, Jonathan Safran Foer, Josh Neufeld, Natasha Trethewey, Wright Morris, and Lynd Ward. We will consider the point at which images enter the texts and examine how they act to undercut, reinforce, and/or expand the written narrative. Short weekly responses will lead to a longer critical essay.
This is a seminar for all students on Plan in photography. Prerequisite: submission of Plan application or instructor's permission Additional Fee: $100
A course focusing on the art of portrait making. Students will be taking photographs and looking at the work of professional portrait artists.
In this tutorial, we will explore the intersection of memory, narrative, and idenity in Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient and Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried. Weekly writing will lead to two plan essays.
An exploration of open source software developement through contribution to the Mozilla Foundation.
A writing tutorial for a plan to be completed in spring 2012. Focuses on a paper to be written about female artist's self-portraiture in the Renaissance and their iconographic relationship to female saints.
An exploration in constructed realities focusing on building forms that overwhelm.
An exploration of how portraits are used within the photographic world, and an exercise in Portraiture as a photographic process--students participate in weekly discussions of work by portrait photographers and bring in work for critique.
A tutorial focusing on creating artwork and using words to support, and potentially advance the work. Also will be used to revise and strengthen a a plan paper
Continued exploration of the Arduino microcontroller, particularly wearable electronics, and the Processing programming language.
A series of exploratory works (physical and written) developing sculpture and papers towards completion of Plan.
This tutorial serves the propose of learning the skill set needed to weld metal and to create metal sculptures.
A tutorial focused on making Plan artwork focused on sculpture. Supplementary reading when relevant.
A Plan writing tutorial on the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Supplementary readings will include work by relevant critics and Julia Kristeva.
A reading of Fyodor Dostoevsky's major novels, including Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov, The Possessed, and The Idiot, with supplemental reading in short stories and literary criticism.
This tutorial will focus on developing an understanding of what identity means in Christianity through an examination of beliefs, teachings, and practices.
This tutorial will be focusing on the different theories and elements that impact adolescent identity in contemporary USA.
A study and application of various theories of identity formation, with a focus on adolescence.
An exploration of the snapshot aesthetic in modern photography, specifically John Szarkowski's curatorial use of it in exhibits and books.
An exploration of the use personal narrative and expression by modern photographers.
The goal of this tutorial is to examine the art history and philosophy of kinetic art, especially sculpture. This examination will be informed by the philosophy of technology, aesthetics, and ethics. The work done for this tutorial will result in the written portion of a plan of concentration.
This tutorial will focus on generating and discussing kinetic sculptural works that will be part of a plan of concentration in the visual arts.
In this tutorial Grant and I will work on two of my plan papers, one of them on the introduction of new lexical theory to GTTM, and one of them on the application of linguistic formalism to musical theory.
An advanced course in business Chinese.
This tutorial concentrates on essays of contemporary Chinese. Class time is devoted to oral discussion and essay writing is assigned as homework.
A tutorial exploring the contemporary practice of painting, and possibilities of narrative (rather than formal) abstraction for works to be shown in the senior gallery show.
A plan writing tutorial exploring themes such as the history of Mexican migration in the U.S. and the migrant's present-day reality, as well as racism and other issues.
In this tutorial Matan and I will do a musical analysis of five pieces from the common practice, based on the theories proposed in A Generative Theory of Tonal Music and The Identity Thesis of Language and Music. These analyses will form a part of my plan.
An individual tutorial focussing on the production of Plan work in visual art. Work will center around the goal of occasioning new, politicized visions of the socially imagined (fat) body.
An examination of the place, practice, and philosophy of art as it integrates into a way of life in diverse cosmologies.
This tutorial consists of an examination of Rumi's understanding of metaphor, his use of humor to convey religious concepts and his use of poetry as a medium for interpreting religious texts.
A study of the ways in which transpersonal psychologists have answered the question "who are you?" within the context of human development.
A study of the ways in which society can and does effect the developmet of personality and one's conception of the self.
This tutorial aims to fill in the gaps in the student's Freud scholarship by reading relevant works to the student's academic direction.
An investigation concerning the current crosscurrents between phenomenology and psychopathology.
This tutorial will be an investigation into contemporary thinkers and their engagements with the Lacanian field. It will include an overview of the relevant sections in works by Alain Badiou, Judith Butler, Giles Deleuze, Slavoj Žižek as well as essays by Jacques-Alain Miller, Julia Kristeva, Collette Soller, Bruce Fink, and other Lacanians. It will provide overview of the recent Lacanian intersections with Marxism, feminism, theology, science, cybernetics, and literature.
A continuation of reading with writing on attention, memory, and thought, examined from multiple perspectives.

Designing and integrating a research project at a preschool into my Plan work, supplemented with readings and discussion on fieldwork and research methods, child psychology, and education.
An advanced course based on Lacan's seminars, but including post-Lacanian perspectives that reflect on Freud's approach to therapy.
This course looks to untangle the messy state of psychoanalytic thought in the 20th century after Freud. Topics include Self Psychology, Attachment Theory, Object-Relations Theory and Ego Psychology. A special emphasis will be placed on how narcissism changes out of Kernberg and Kohut's research.
Writing tutorial on Maslow's self- actualization in the context of identity formation.
An examination of how an existential crisis contributes to identity formation.
A course focusing on the learning and teaching of Cultivating Emotional Balance, and also variant academic views of emotional life and balance.

This two credit tutorial will involve feminist theory reading as conversation.

A more advanced tutorial aimed at honing camera skills and a higher comprehension of narrative, structure, POV, and film aesthetics in relation to documentary film.
A reading tutorial further exploring international political and cultural conflict, with a focus on contemporary war journalism.
This course will explore lute repertory from the renaissance and baroque periods.

Plan seminar in literature is a group tutorial in which we discuss our Plans and Plan as a whole, practice orals, prepare for Plan, talk literature.

An introductory tutorial on relief carving using traditional Chinese motifs.
Group tutorial devoted to writing and peer-review of Plan papers for seniors working in Asian Studies.
This tutorial will focus on developing ideas, direction, and knowledge for future plan work. I will use this course to think more critically about the sculpture I will begin to produce next semester for plan.
A series of sculptures and installations using forms form the body and its processes
This tutorial will be a venue to create large scale moving and interactive installation pieces, with an emphasis on developing strong conceptual content, improving metal and wood fabrication skills, and creating pieces that are durable and reliable for long-term exhibition. Several completed installations will be shown either on or off campus.
An investigation into the nature of portraiture in sculpture and oil painting, and the notion of "presence" in representational art.
A development and evaluation of an original screenplay for plan.
A close reading of The Brothers Karamazov, focusing on the themes of freedom and discipline.
An examination of dreams as structural devices in the works of Dostoevsky, with an emphasis on Demons, Crime and Punishment, and The Brothers Karamazov. Supplemental reading will include Dickens and Eliot. The tutorial will culminate in the completion of a Plan paper.
Critical analysis of the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Special attention will be paid to the relationships between sound and meaning, faith and doubt, and poetry and religion.
Reading and analysis of collections of major 20th-century short fiction; writing of short stories in the style of each author, with the goal of gaining a greater understanding and control of craft and style.
Writing critical analysis of poetry by a range of poets, with particular attention to the possibilities of setting a selection of poems to music.
Writing and revision of original poetry
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