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A group tutorial on vector calculus to fulfill my co-requisite with Electricity and Magnetism.
Am exploration of how traditional ideas of masculinity and manhood are performed within the prison context.
Explorations of retributive and restorative justice using Angela Davis and Foucault as well as reflections on internship experiences.
A collaborative tutorial focusing on the creation of a comprehensive dance film based on Homer's Odyssey. We will be studying pre-existing dance films, while experimenting with our own choreography and how it looks both in realtime and stop-motion camerawork.
This tutorial will focus on first person narrative written by dancers active in the 1930s. Work will include researching and articulating lines of connection between first person narrative, historical context, and choreographic work.
Advanced techniques in analytical fiction writing, with an eye toward completing Plan work.
A thorough examination of Whitman''s poetry and criticism, focusing especially on the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass.
In 1964, the world lost one of its most influential writers of all time - Flannery O''Connor. Her work continues to live on, despite a changing social atmosphere. What aspect of her work refuses to die despite the evolving tastes and definitions of the American public? Can her fiction be understood without a working knowledge of Catholicism; or did her status as a religious outsider influence her work more than she realized? What influenced her desire to represent the grotesque character?

This tutorial will explore the range of meanings in Flannery O''Connor''s fiction by examining all of her written work, including novellas, short stories, and letters.
A look at Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and the messages it sends to young women about relationship dynamics, power and agency.
A study of advanced grammar, with an emphasis on conversation
A tutorial to refine translation skills from English to Spanish for academic works.
This tutorial will focus on the study of first person narrative and memoir in Depression-Era America, using supporting academic articles and texts in order to foster a more comprehensive contextualization of these works.
An exploration of the culture and society of postwar America with an emphasis on issues of national identity, family life, racial dynamics and consumerism.
A study of German in order to gain a reading knowledge of the language in preparation for graduate study.
Building a foundational knowledge of large-scale sustainability initiatives and programs in a sample of countries with diverse challenges.
In this tutorial we will be reading fiction by 20th century American women that deals with issues of self-representation and creative expression. Writers will include: Gilman, Wharton, Yezierska, Larsen, Kingston and Morrison. Writing will include a reading journal and two short papers.
A group tutorial exploring the relationship between form and content in playwriting. Students will alternate writing and staging work each week.
This course will focus on Thomas S. Kuhn''s "Structure of Scientific Revolutions" and the effort of modern thinkers to elaborate and interpret his philosophy. Among the topics covered will be paradigm shift, normal science versus revolutionary science, and the arguments for a social constructivist model of scientific inquiry.
This class will focus on classical statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, following the text by Reif.
This tutorial will focus both on creating kinetic works and preparing for the writing portion of a plan of concentration. We will explore themes of interactivity and function in the work which will be informed by research into the history and practice of kinetic art.
A group tutorial in the development of individual sculpture styles in steel.
A study of the institutional history of the American Supreme Court, as well as an exploration of some of the formative and transformative processes of American constitutional law.
Through the semester we will attempt to look at the general trends and methods in the history of science through a variety of viewpoints. Each student will focus on a particular subject area - epidemics, professional medicine, astronomy and physics - and we will relate those subject areas to each other in discussion. This approach should allow each student to become an expert in their own area while also giving them a broader sense of the types of studies done across the discipline.
A research based tutorial focused on the art and historical context of the medieval and byzantine periods.
A tutorial that expands on historical methods and techniques of printmaking.
A group seminar which emphasizes visual strategies using paper as defined by individual projects.
Language study of Japanese focusing primarily on reading and writing skills as well as speaking and listening.
Personal French study through online resources alongside the research and study of foreign language education in the United States public school systems.
Japanese language tutorial focusing on reading comprehension, grammar, composition, and conversation.
Self guided Italian language instruction through online platforms supplemented with translation theory in relation to my work in Italian for plan. The goal on this is to translate original works in Italian on food and food history.
A study of violence and the experience of violence in a school setting, with attention to context in examination of bullying, peer harassment, victimization, and prevention programs. This tutorial has an extensive reading list and will work towards the goal of one concise, thirty page Plan paper.
Work on a personal narrative, examining my own personal bias in the area of violence, acknowledging that the issues surrounding violence are personal to every examiner and that each person who enters that arena brings with them their own individual experience.

This tutorial will work towards a compiled 50-60 pages of personal narrative that will serve as a portion of my Plan.
An intensive analysis of Freud and Jung's theories of dream work.
an exploration of the ways in which cultural systems of order are constructed and whose voices they favor or ignore. We will continue by looking at various texts to find ways to alter these oppressive landscapes into more equitable spaces.
The focus of this tutorial will be a representative survey of American coming of age stories in film and television, culminating in a plan paper.
An examination of violence, power and gender constructions in a variety of American cultural productions, including, among other things, noir and neo-noir film and a range of contemporary fiction.
An examination of modernist artistic autobiography, focusing especially on Joyce's Portrait of the Artist and Roth's Call It Sleep.
A survey of the history and doctrinal teachings of Catholicism with special attention paid to Catholic motifs in Flannery O'Connor's work.
In this tutorial, seniors on plan with a large history component will write and workshop their work with each other. The goal will be to produce 3-5 pages a week for all participants and to have a complete and functional draft of the major paper by the end of the semester.
In this tutorial we will examine the history, labor politics, and class differences of women in the meatpacking industry from the late 19th century through the 20th century. Particular attention will be paid to how race, immigration, and advances in technology shaped women's roles in meatpacking plants.
In this tutorial we will examine the rise and fall of unions in meatpacking plants from the late 19th through the 20th century. Particular attention will be paid to the effects of race on the power dynamics and politics of meatpacking unions.
This tutorial focuses on writing conventions and experiments in anthropology. Work includes reading key articles and books as well as writing in different modes.
An exploration of Paul Ricouer's philosophy of metaphor in relation to other recent theories of meaning and metaphor.
A survey of Ancient Chinese political/social and military thought.
A survey of Chinese wood craft from the Tang to the present.
This tutorial will be devoted to studying the history, theory and language of contemporary styles of photography of the 20th century.
Using de Beauvior, Judith Butler to explore Ayaan Hirsi Ali's writings.
This course aims to answer the question,
An investigation of meditation in Buddhist traditions, from the Pali Canon to contemporary Western Buddhism.
Analyzing the history of the company and the workers involved in the Fort Dummer Cotton Mill industry in Brattleboro, VT.
This tutorial is an in depth examination in how teenage pregnancy is represented in America through television and other forms of popular media.
This tutorial will examine the history of our modern conception of childhood.  We will be looking to the social and historical conditions of childhood through the ages, and to the events -- medical, philosophical, technological, social and political -- which have shaped how childhood has been defined and experienced.
An exploration of the central issues and questions facing the Constitutional Convention with a emphasis on how delegates came to solutions.
Tutorial exploring the aesthetics of landscape and the body through printmaking and works on paper
A study of book making, using visual language to aid young foreign language learners.
An exploration of socially active art through historical analysis and studio work.
A tutorial to focus on methodology, theory, and thematic evolution in the processing of a field work experience in the Methodist Evangelical Church in La Paz, Bolivia, and to work towards shaping an ethnography from the material and experiences gathered there.
This tutorial will focus on the history of the North American Free Trade Agreement and look at its effects on the food supply throughout North America as well as on farming communities in Mexico.
A tutorial investigating topics in linguistic anthropology as they relate to the language use and identity of bilingual speakers.
A history of dog sledding focusing on Joe Redington, the presence of women in dog sledding, the tourist industry, and the difference between the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod.
A study of the teachings, practices, and culture of Zen in Japan.
A look at the reception of Simone Weil in 20th century scholarship.
A reading of Hegel's Philosophy of Right and Marx's interpretation of it.
An analysis of discourse, language, and meaning in Hegel and Wittgenstein
This tutorial will be organized partially as an introduction to post-Hegelian phenomenology via Husserl as well as an introduction to the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger via Being and Time, as well as including a number of selections from Sartre's being and nothingness concerned with questions of intersubjective experience.
An exploration of contemporary interpretations of proponents of Enlightenment thinking and their critics.
A close reading of Horckheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment.
A study of 20th century Anglo-American epistemology.
An exploration of the relationship between temporality and freedom in Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Steiner.
In this course I will be exploring the significance of food in Dutch baroque painting, with a emphasis on still lives. It will be a writing heavy course with weekly journals and regular papers.
This course will explore the development of the artistic persona with an emphasis on the melancholy artist. We will try to answer questions such as, how did the concept of the "melancholy artist" first come about? What were the attitudes of societies of different periods toward artists' behavior? Were artists encouraged or expected to behave a certain way? How did these personas and societal expectations affect the artists' work? Is there a relationship between genius and madness?
The purpose of this tutorial is to gain general knowledge of the working conditions of female artists in Renaissance and Baroque Italy. More specifically, how female artists in this period treat biblical/classical subjects focusing on women differently than more traditional representations. Additionally, I will be looking at works commissioned by female patrons of the day and how the content of these works reflects the patrons specific personal goals. To achieve this, I will be studying how subjects used by female artists and patrons were viewed by 14th and 15th century society. I am interested in discovering if these artists and patrons fashioned a creative, empowered self in the context of their age.
A collaborative exploration of the principles of social psychology and how they are applied in interpersonal relationships, in communication of opinions, and in the creation of prejudice, discrimination, and bias.
A review of general biomechanics and physiology as they relate to sled dog performance
The tutorial will be devoted to studying the history, theory and language of contemporary styles of photography from the 20th century.
An engagement with practical teaching experience. The process will will include writing a syllabus that will be used to instruct a group of teenagers on digital photography.
An advanced photography critique, requiring students present new work on a weekly basis, as well as several presentations on artists inspiring their work throughout the semester.
This tutorial will focus on the historical and conceptual developments in photography that have lead to the fascination with artificial and constructed environments in contemporary photography. Ongoing research of relevant art movements and specific artists from the 20th century will lead to the writing of a 20-30 page paper by the end of the semester.
An engagement with a practical teaching experience. This will include writing a syllabus that will be used to instruct a group of teenagers on digital photography.
The tutorial provides opportunities for advanced students to pursue individual projects on topics related to the American Revolution.
Beginning slightly before 500 BCE we will start with the Celtic invasion and continue up to the Normand invasion in 1066 CE. We will look at the various invasions between these two dates and the cultural changes that ensued from them.

We will spend the first few weeks studying the general historic framework of the time period. Then we will go back and examine the specific cultural shifts and developments that occurred due to the invasions and population shifts. We will look at both the existing cultures and the invading cultures in order to better understand the way in which they changed and adapted.

We hope to use “traditional
Delving into digital photography this tutorial will focus on developing my skills of fine art inkjet printing and exploring portrait photography.
This course mainly studies differential calculus and integral calculus of vector functions, especially on the differential operators, including divergent, gradient and curl, and the generalizations of the fundamental theorem of calculus. We also study the applications of vector calculus in physics, including electrtic field, magnetic field, and some other fields
Editing and revising a young-adult fantasy novel.
Further exploration into the ways the feminist movement of the 1960s and 70s changed the ways in which girls could be portrayed in books written for a young-adult, female audience.
An examination of the work of Cormac McCarthy, focusing on its relationship to various American regional traditions, its construction of gender, and its depiction of violence.
A look at China's One-Child Policy through a series of readings and writing pieces.
Preparation of a Plan paper drawing on analysis and critique of representative texts in labor economics that reflect the evolution of the field.

note: I added the last phrase, because ,otherwise, there is no indication of the historical dimension. You may have other wording you prefer
This tutorial will examine the law, policy, and practices in Argentina and Chile in regard to large-scale mining and the consequent use of land and resources (e.g. water, electricity) by the mining industry.
This tutorial will focus on Plan work around the topic of Child Soldiers in the Middle East.
A comparative exploration of river life using political ecology and globalization theory focusing on Kyoto and Windham County.
This tutorial will be devoted to studying the history, theory, and language of street photography, documentary, and photojournalism of the 20th century. There will be weekly reading assignments, with writing components,and bi-weekly photo critiques.
This course will examine the effects of oriental trade on still life painting in the Dutch Republic during the seventeenth century. In order to understand these paintings it is important to ask how these objects arrived in Europe, how the artist learned what they looked like, and who owned these objects and their images. Works of art considered will include both still-life paintings (especially banquet scenes), and paintings that include both figures and oriental objects.
A review of the effects of the formation of the early Church and its effect on gender formation into the Medieval period.
Moving from observational figuration to more abstract work we will explore the human form
A study of the neuroscience of addiction: the effect of opiates on the brain and processes that lead to addiction.
Organizing information from various literary sources to form a plan paper on the Arts and Crafts movement with respect to industrial and social development.
A study of what Feudalism is and how it pertains to medieval Europe. Supplement to Intro to Medieval Studies
A tutorial for finding and workshoping material for my plan paper, which is the main component of my plan.
A study of the Catalan language, primarily by comparison to Spanish.
A senior-level reading tutorial researching the formation of the Spanish language and the political and social forces that contributed to its current hegemony.
This tutorial will be devoted to studying works of literature influenced by existentialism. We will be reading Dostoevsky, Camus, Sartre, and Malraux.
This tutorial will be reading The Brothers Karamazov and the Idiot. We will meet bi-weekly and bring in reading responses.
In this tutorial, I will produce translations of selections of Theocritus' Idylls.
We will explore the birth, themes, and elements of the ancient pastoral genre, focusing on but not limited to Virgil's Eclogues and Theocritus' Idylls.
I will be working with Tim Segar to formulate a trajectory for the Visual Arts component of my Plan. We will be reading texts concerned with self-representation. I will be making art regularly - first to broaden my mediums, later with a narrower focus on specific Plan work.
A survey of the novels, plays & short stories major 19th century Russian authors, including an investigation of the socio-historical context of each and some related philosophical texts. Authors include Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Chekov, Tolstoy & Gogol. Additional biographical and philosophical works may include writings by Joseph Frank, Mikhail Bakhtin, and Friedrich Nietzsche.
I will be researching Palestinian women's roles in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and some of the ways in which the conflict has affected Palestinian women's lives throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. I will also produce a first draft of my Plan project paper on the above subject.
Part I of a two-semester course on Qur'anic and classical Arabic with the goal of translating selected portions of the Qur''an.
Continuing my work from Fall 09 in Sources and Methods, I will research how women have been portrayed in various Islamic sources, how those sources have been interpreted historically, who controlled the interpretations and what those interpretations created or influenced.
In this tutorial we explore the emerging discipline of Game Studies with particular reference to the study of board games, including topics such as design, strategy and cultural relevance.
A course heavily based in writing which concerns post-traumatic stress disorder and how it affects the individual, using interviews and prompts posed to US military veterans.
Using William James' writings and Awakened Dreams by Ahmet Hilmi, we will explore the connections between life-changing events and spirituality.
An exploration and close examination of violence, gender, and wilderness themes in the collected works of William Faulkner.
An exploration of women’s organizations in the 19th and 20th centuries with an emphasis on the politics of sisterhood.
A tutorial intended to develop plan work in visual art across different media. The tutorial will work in conjunction with a tutorial in experimental film and video installation with Jay Craven, and the class, Art Seminar Critique.
A tutorial intended to develop plan work in experimental film and video installation art. The tutorial will work in conjunction with another tutorial with Tim Segar and the class Art Seminar Critique.
An examination of philosophical and theological themes to build on previous work in the area of feminist theology, and to complement the process of writing an ethnography on gender in the Bolivian Methodist Evangelical Church.
An examination of dance community drawing from field research in Argentina and New England and writings in sociology and dance.
A tutorial for the completion of an academic paper on the effects of screen violence and the therapeutic potential of movement.
A tutorial for the creation of a portfolio documenting scenic and lighting design completed for the performance "Where Water Meets Shore".
An introduction to performance theory with a focus on embodiment and gender.
The course will focus on understanding and developing relationships between jazz music and poetry. This will involve listening and discussing various jazz settings of poetry. There will be two composition projects completed: one with a chosen poem and another with an original poem.
A tutorial in dance film editing resulting in the completion of editing a ten to twelve minute dance on film piece.
A tutorial in sound design for the dance film "Gills."

The evolution and current state of craft production in the U.S., with a focus on luthiers in New England.
A survey of the economics of industrial organization.
An examination of political and economic perspectives on labor flows in the United States with a focus on outsourcing, offshoring, and offshore outsourcing.
A course working on themes and symbolism within the Odyssey. We will be focusing on the imperfections within Odysseus' character and how these at times negative characteristics make him a more truly understood and related to hero.
Further work on ancient Greek using Greek to GCSE part 2 and Beyond Greek to GCSE.

Advanced Greek for the win!
An in-depth study of the the social and political factors that gave rise to the resurgence of repressed or submerged languages and cultures in Spain during the 1980's and 1990's.
A study of current debates concerning political and educational language policy in Spain.
I will examine the connections between sculpture and sound, through constructing four sonically and visually kinetic pieces, with a final project being a carefully documented orchestration of them all.
In this tutorial, we will cover the material commonly presented in a second semester Organic Chemistry course, focusing on the structures, reaction, and mechanisms of pharmaceuticals, endogenous neuro-signaling compounds, and receptors involved in depression.
In this tutorial we analyze the mathematical structures, trees and graphs in particular, that lie beneath the narrative threads of games and stories with the ultimate goal of crafting an original plot for a videogame.
An analysis of the ways in which history serves propagandist socialization and critical analysis of American Society.
Reading parts of Joyce's 'Ulysses' along with secondary materials to prepare for/write a Plan paper.
Reading Rushdie's 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' and secondary materials, to prepare for/write a Plan paper.
A workshop for a collection of children's short stories to be used for Plan
A review of the works of children's author Jean Craighead George, resulting in a Plan paper about using literature to teach children about conservation and ecology.
This tutorial will cover the social and economic implications of the printing and publishing industry in seventeenth-century Holland with a special focus on the dissemination of printed music for both domestic and foreign audiences.
The ancient Greeks used ceramic vases decorated in elaborate images to convey ideas about order and society. In our modern American culture, images of symbols and brands permeate our everyday lives, reminding consumers of advertising's constant presence. In this tutorial, we will use various print making techniques to apply images found in consumer culture to hand-made earthenware tiles.
An Exploration of Islamic Tiles, Calligraphy and patterns.
The aim of this tutorial is to provide the student with a foundational understanding of the principles and subject matter of economic anthropology. The chosen readings will provide a background of the discipline as well as shed light on current issues in the field.
We consider the theory of experimental design from both a statistical perspective (optimality, estimators and linear models) and a combinatorial one (constructing the objects of interest to statisticians: BIBDs, Latin squares and their generalisations and so on). Mathematical tools and concepts we meet include modular arithmetic, group theory and matrices.
Working towards producing a translation of Euripedes' Bacchae as part of a Plan project.
Working towards producing a translation of Ovid's Tristia, Book I as part of a Plan project.
A reading of Marx's philosophical works with an emphasis on how he continues and changes German philosophical traditions.
This course will be an opportunity to create assemblage/projection art pieces that explore light and the nature of photography, projection, and the reproduction of images. Over the course of the semester, at least three significant sculptures or installations will be created.
Studying the effects of technology on Art in the 21st century.
Carving from natural and laminated wood blocks to develop skills and to finish a series of Plan related sculptures
A close reading of Lacan's seminars and some of the secondary literature about his works.
I will study music theory and performance, working with an outside instructor. I will also play pieces by Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven over the course of the semester.
An exploration of the psychological and experiential processes which aid personal creative development, original and unconventional ideas, and exceptional intelligence.
A study of the inner and outer aspects of pilgrimage, in focusing on works of Rumi and other Islamic thinkers.

An introduction to Islamic theology and cosmology with further reading in comparative mystical theology, particularly Christian.




The classification of finite simple groups, completed in the 1980s, is one of the deepest, most complex theorems in mathematics. We start by proving the Jordan-Holder Theorem and then we acquaint ourselves with some of the families of simple groups and look at their constructions, properties and links to other mathematical objects.
Terraces are a group structure that allow for the solution of a wide range of combinatorial problems. Bailey's Conjecture (1984) is that all groups, except for the non-cyclic elementary abelian 2-groups, admit a terrace. In this tutorial we will try to make progress towards a proof of Bailey's Conjecture.
An in-depth introduction to point-set topology. Other topics include the classification of surfaces and fundamental groups.
An exploration of of the lived dimensions of migration with an emphasis on race, ethnicity, gender and transnational connections.

A tutorial to read academic dance literature, write dance and water dance and describe it.

A look at the flow of immigration from Mexico to the U.S. throught history, as well as where it stands today.
Exploring the use of code-switching and other linguistic techniques in selected latino poetry and literature as they pertain to latino identity and experience
This tutorial will examine concepts of imperialism, development and environmentalism in Latin America, along with the conflicts surrounding these issues.
Work with Sean Conley to complete my CS Curriculum paper which is an evaluation of undergrad higher ed computer science courses and their motivations, as described by the ACM and other groups.
Work with Jim to complete my plan project, an implementation and analysis of the traveling salesman problem, possibly including some web data retrieval.
Prepare for and take computer science proficiency exams.

A continuation of my exploration of the language used in the Quran and Toran to describe the body, and the cultural implicatioans of that.

An exploration of identity through printmaking and works on paper
This course explore the tragic aspects of great comedic figures, both fiction and non-fiction. What drives so many flawed, insecure individuals to the dangerous and extremely intimate art of making people laugh? Why does the fun stop so often when the comedian steps off stage? Why are so many people off put when comedians stop being funny and start getting serious? This tutorial will hope to examine these and other questions.

Creating a framework on which a Plan paper will be written based on my studies on Japanese culture, history and language.  This tutorial will help start the process of the paper by a review of my trip and previous studies.


A tutorial meeting twice weekly to focus on musicianship skills (Ear Training, Rhythm Reading, Sight Reading, Analysis).
Weekly private lessons with Eugene Uman to focus on the study of jazz theory, analysis and performance.
Participation in available scheduled portions of Photo Plan Seminar with additional meetings and submission in accordance with missed time due to schedule conflict.
To continue work in the production and critique of experimental film and media.
A survey starting with Black Mountain College and its contemporary inheritance and then continuing with the history of various art school and atelier models.
A tutorial focused on readings having to do with the experience of anthropologists doing fieldwork.
A Senior 1 plan research and writing tutorial that will culminate with a plan paper related to Tennessee Williams.
Using gender theory and performance theory we will explore the modes in which gender is performed and constructed as well as the potential in performance for subverting gender norms.
meets Thursday 3:30-4:30
Discussion of the Seminars of Jacques Lacan and their potential utilization in plan work, as well as developing the basic structure of plan itself.
Close readings of the poetry of Hopkins and Donne in search of their understanding of the interconnections between religious mysticism and poetry/language. Poetry, biographical, and personal prose writings from the two poets will be examined.
Dostoyevsky's The Brother's Karamazov will introduce the class and will be analyzed closely for elements of religious mysticism. A similarly focused analysis of The Idiot will follow. The end of this class will be devoted to processing the reading through extended plan-related papers.
The tutorial covers the mechanisms by which drugs affect the brain and behavior. In this tutorial we will examine psychopharmacology from a neuroscience perspective. Selected readings from primary and secondary sources will focus on current uses of hallucinogens as therapeutic treatments. The goal of the tutorial is to produce a paper reviewing the psychopharmacology of hallucinogens, with a focus on the positive and negative affect research on hallucinogens has had on the use of these compounds as therapeutic agents.
A exploration into the ways in which people piece together an understanding of their own responsibility towards the things they believe as well as the actions they decide to take as a result of this responsibility.
Research and writing for plan fiction.

Selected readings on personal anthropologist accounts having to do specifically with anthropologist experiences doing fieldwork.



Reading and analysis of the major works of Jack Kerouac
The proposed tutorial will have two main objectives, both founded within the thought and psychological constructions of William James: these being religious experience and psychoanalysis.
An examination of how America's social, economic, and political structors cause societal problems and how these issues can be addressed through social change.
Exploring the individual within society with regards to empathy, socialization, and morals. How an individual effects and is affected by society.
Understanding the context of Neoclassical and Romantic art and architectural history.
The goal of this tutorial is to understand the circumstances and implications of the shift in artistic and theoretical processes and the objects produced in Budapest's artistic community around the turn of the century. What and who were these "secessionist" artists and how do they compare to their peers in other central European nations? And how was Hungarian art ultimately changed by this restructuring of thought and practice?
A tutorial focusing on the production of wax, steel, cloth and plastic objects, and their placement in different locations on Marlboro College campus.
Working with film, digital and mixed media to determine a specific process and begin creating the work for a photo plan show.
Chinese proficiency, HSK, preparation
This tutorial will examine the interrelated social and environmental consequences of open pit mining in Latin America. The tutorial will consider themes such as loss of livelihood, the industry's impact on water and glaciers, and problems of contamination.

An exploration of organisms living in conditions such as extreme heat, cold, saline, altitude, ocean depths, light, and pH and how the environment shapes their evolution.


An exploration of landscape ecology.


An exploration of myths as foundation stories of societies, with readings in theory and a cross-cultural selection of texts.
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