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This group tutorial will study aspects of the history of Japanese photography and contemporary fine art photography in Japan in preparation for the summer 2010 Freeman Japan trip. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

This tutorial will focus on the completion of a paper that describes the anatomy and physiology of the kidney, as well as common diseases of the kidney. This paper is part of Rik's Plan of Concentration, and helps provide context for another piece of his Plan, a mathematical model of kidney function.
In this tutorial Evelyn will focus on completing the writing of her two plan papers. The main focus will be the writing and analyzing of data from her self-designed Plan Project on the effects of estrogen on gene expression, including an introduction and overview of the project design, an overview of the execution and an analysis of the data with description of bioinformatics. The secondary focus will be on polishing her review paper on estrogen mimics and spermatogenesis.
An examination of: the biology of retroviruses, with special emphasis on HIV; and forms of therapy and treatment for HIV, including existing methods as well as those being in development.
A continuation of Early Samurai History, following the rise and development of the Samurai in Japan from the time of the unification to the present.
Examining why historical events involving Taiwan are assigned different interpretations and different levels of significance by the present day governments of Taiwan and Mainland China.
An exploration of the various philosophical and spiritual traditions, particularly those of the Daoist variety, which traditional Chinese martial artists have drawn upon to create their own distinct philosophical and spiritual identity. The tutorial will be designed to produce a plan paper on the topic by exploring the connections between traditional Chinese martial arts and the various influential traditions with which they have intertwined.
An introduction to the principles and practices of Japanese aesthetics for students and faculty going on the Spring 2010 Japan trip.
An intense study of contemporary Japanese life with a focus on the development of otaku culture.
A writing-based tutorial reflecting on an internship with a defense attorney handling criminal justice in the nation's capital.
A reading of Austen's Novels (Pride and Predjudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Emma) with supplemental readings of biographical texts and critical articles; with an emphasis on ethical and moral issues, societal issues, the role of women, the role of class, cultural mores and expectations, and the issues of style: use of metaphor, plot structure, presentation of ethical issues, methods of characterization, use of temporal structure, irony as a structural device

Expectations: One Five page paper a week and a significant research paper (25 papers) due at the end of term
Writing a young-adult fantasy novel.
An examination of the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s and its influence on the girl hero in young-adult literature.
Reading various short stories in the hope of gaining a better understanding and feel for how a short story works. Every other week will be dedicated to analyzing a short story, while the alternating weeks will focus on a work the student will bring in.
Will try to read a broad array of authors such as Babel, Borges, Checkov, Hemingway, Malamud, and others.
We will conduct an original experiment for my Plan of concentration. The experiment concerns the effectiveness of imagery in dance.
This tutorial will be the final tutorial in a series of three that will focus on various aspects of empathy in humans. Different components of empathy will continue to be examined in depth and a variety of ideas and concepts will be finalized in a series of Plan papers.
This is a Plan based tutorial which focuses on adolescent self-efficacy as they transition into boarding school. There will also be drafting and revision of the Plan paper of the same topic.
An exploration of the contested and shifting history of sexuality in the United States incorporating both primary and secondary sources.
This is a plan formation tutorial in preparation for the writing portion of a plan of concentration in the field of kinetic sculpture. Goals will be to address questions and issues which will shape the topic of the writing, and to produce a reading list for further research. There is also the possibility of a sculpture project as a part of the tutorial.
A tutorial in the design and construction of moving set pieces for Amity Jones' dance performance.
A tutorial to learn the basics of welding metal materials. The purpose of this tutorial is to learn the fundamentals of the material and its manipulation to later use in the realm of sculpture
Intermediate Ceramics; throwing, glazes and firing.
Working on the Highlander case study of progressive education and looking at public schools as a politicaly contested location in American history
Studying political and educational theorist in connection with a case study of teaching Political Pedagogies
A reading of Carson McCullers, Flannery O'Connor, and Eudora Welty. Thematic concerns: character and environmental context; class structures in the South; loneliness and the grotesque; structure of the Southern Gothic. Supplemental Reading: studies on southern morays and culture.
This tutorial places current Latin American development challenges in their historical context and uses applied economic analysis to understand policy constraints and opportunities.
A study of the economics of common-pool resources, examining theories of collective action and rational choice with a special focus on the work of Elinor Ostrom and Daniel Bromley.
A study of planning efforts in the Northern Forest with a focus on collaborative and place-based components and their effects on planning outcomes.
A study of the major federal urban redevelopment programs of the post-WWII era, with an emphasis on outcomes assessment.
In this tutorial I will research how the Argentinian organization Asociation Argentina Natural collaborates with other organizations and networks of organizations to realize projects and political actions.
Writing about the politics of the performer and performance in contemporary Dance and Performance Art.
A tutorial dedicated to the creating of final Plan choreography for Senior 2's in Dance.
Understanding the dance history of the 1930s by studying (primarily) memoirs, personal testimonials and autobiographies. We will explore the effects of time and experience on the development of the movement created by individuals, looking at how personal time lines inform career and artistic choices.
Completing a Plan paper in dance.
Creating dances for my Plan of Concentration in dance.
An exploration of various religious views about the origin, function, and meaning of the human body.
Writing and reading historical post-war photographic text and essays
This seminar is organized around the different research topics of seniors doing Plan work in Art History. Throughout the seminar, students will develop strategies and skills necessary for completing a Plan in Art History.
An individual tutorial dedicated to writing and research about the relationships between Conceptual and Performance artists from the 1960's-70's.
A study of the history of conceptual art, 1960-1980.
This course will be a continuation of last semester’s tutorial, “Framing Paris: Artistic Vision in the 19th Century,” with emphasis on how specific works by Manet, Degas and Caillebotte represent Parisian life. Particular attention will be given to how these artists tested the limits of the pictorial frame and how the indecipherable parameters of compositions such as Manet’s The Balcony (1868), Degas’s Jentaud at the Mirror (1875), and Caillebotte’s Paris Street: Rainy Day (1877) create a tension between the viewer and the scene within the painting. The development of these themes will be considered over the course of the 19th century in France with a consideration of earlier artistic movements including Neo-Classicism and Romanticism.

This course will be a continuation of last semester' tutorial Art of Action Curatorial Project, with a focus on developing a written reflection in response to curating the exhibit, Art of Action: Shaping Vermont's Future Through Art. In addition, photo documentation of the exhibit will be compiled into a video slide show.

A tutorial exploring the development of a Romantic revival in contemporary art.
This course will consist of an overview of painting, sculpture and architecture in 17th and 18th century Europe, followed by more detailed study of particular subjects of interest in this field.
A general study of anatomy and physiology with a focus on Canis lupus familiaris to better understand sled dogs.
In this tutorial I will go thorough books 1-5 of Bella Bartok's Mikrokosmos series. By following this progressive series, and with the help of a piano teacher (who I will see once or twice a week) I hope to drastically improve my sight reading.
An introduction to neuroscience, beginning with basic physiology and working toward cognitive neuroscience treatment of learning, memory, and consciousness.
Keeping a journal of my experiences during the internship, detailing how a production team functions and my role within it. Also include the various summaries and research papers I produce while working for WGBH. A final paper will be due at the end of the semester summing up my overall experience and consequent insight due to the internship.
Focus on making films, cinematography and effective editing - along with viewing films and keeping a diary of what I liked/didn’t like about the films.
A historical introduction to Zen philosophy and culture in Japan.
Develop further proficiency in Italian through task-based performances and through compositions written in Italian based on books of your choosing.
An examination of race and gender-based discrimination, primarily focusing on labor markets.
A study of the production of music in the internet era, with a focus on intellectual property, piracy, and alternative business models.
A continuation of research on offshoring and outsourcing with a focus on domestic and foreign policy that has a significant impact on the plight of the American worker and job market.
The course will cover a series of masculine themes, tropes and ideas that progress from the middle ages outward to the modern day. Themes include coming of age rituals, marriage, homosexuality, sexuality, universities, knighthood, heroics and paternity.
Historical study of the US - USSR Space Race, 1945-1989, drawing on primary documents with some general readings.
An examination of the evolution of meat production and consumption in the United States. We will look at historical events, political movements, labor and farming practices that have shaped the use and consumption of meat in American diets.
While working towards the completion of two photographic projects, we hope to further our understanding of Photoshop and other aspects of digital imaging and workflow. By furthering our understanding of digital processes, our future photographic plan endeavors will be stronger and allow us the ability to focus on the content of our work rather than jumping technical barriers.
A private seminar focused on learning techniques for researching and writing a successful grant proposal. These necessary skills will be used to achieve the goals of fund raising for a non profits and make direct application of the skills developed in this tutorial to help people with a need.
Ancestral research with a focus on diaspora, the post-Holocaust-era in America and Eastern European (shtetl) literature.
An exploration of anthropological methodologies used in case studies of radio stations and their influence in their surrounding communities.
Fieldwork and production of an audio radio segment on the subject of radio stations and their influences in their surrounding communities.
An anthropological study of the 2010 Iditarod through field research.
This tutorial will focus on the history of South African education and consist of researching and writing a Plan paper.
A Plan tutorial with readings focused on language, immigration, and identity as well as English as a global language.
This tutorial will provide an introduction to medical anthropology. Questions to consider include: what does it mean to heal in various cultural contexts? who are the healers and what is the nature of their work? what roles do medical doctors trained in Western practices have in societies around the world? and what insights can anthropologists glean from examining these different healing scenarios? Work for the tutorial will focus on readings with a paper at the end summarizing what has been read.
A broad exploration of digital media and its function and implications for social and political community.
An ongoing study of immigration policy in 20th and 21st Centuries. Readings in The American Crucible and other works. And a 20 page essay on Americanization and bureaucratic processing of immigrants.
Historical research and exploration on the industrial progress and eventual relocation of the textile industry, with a primary focus on the industrial laborers and their communities.
A thesis driven tutorial focusing on reading and research relating to postfeminist criticism, teen popular culture, and adolescent gender studies. A final plan paper will discuss how postfeminist narratives in teen popular culture present feminine sexuality as a source of empowerment, be it problematic.
This tutorial will look at popular feminist works that have been published in the past 40 years. We will be looking at works by Germaine Greer, Camille Paglia, Naomi Wolf, and others to be determined.

An exploration of the counter culture of the 1960's and 70's with an emphasis on three central themes: the construction of physical enclaves; methods of resistance; and the ongoing commodification of cultural opposition.

This tutorial will examine the history, culture, and arts of the United States as it underwent the greatest economic crisis in history: the Great Depression of the 1930's.
A tutorial examining New London's Fort Trumbull Municipal Development Plan and the aftermath of the Kelo v. New London case, with a focus on the influence of privatization in land-use decisions.
An in-depth look at the relationships between female artists, postmodern feminist academic scholarship and contemporary culture.
A study of the election of 1828 as a window on the changing political climate of the antebellum era.
A tutorial assisting in the completion of a Plan paper on the reality TV show America's Next Top Model and female empowerment, identity, and the media.
Further designing and teaching of a youth based cross-cultural photography collaboration with the Insight Photography Project in Brattleboro, VT, the Little Wound School and Oglala Lakota College in Kyle, South Dakota, in preparation for a summer youth exchange program.
In this tutorial Morgan will finish writing and editing a Plan paper comparing White Nose Syndrome in bats, Colony Collapse Disorder in bees and Chytridiomycosis in amphibians.
In this tutorial Morgan will finish labortory research on White Nose Syndrome initiated last semester, then analyze her data using bioinformatics tools (with help from the Vermont Genetics Network). Morgan will also present the results of her research in the style of a journal article. Morgan will also use PCR and DNA sequencing to compare DNA sequences of various fungal species with that of G. destructans.
A study of the physiology of the brain with emphasis on the retinal architecture and neurological pathways involved in pupil activation, which can serve as a measure of visual function. The main text for this class is From Neuron to Brain, 4th ed., Nicholls, Martin, Wallace, & Fuchs. This text will be supplemented with primary literature on neurophysiology of the pupil response. This response may be
a reliable physiological marker for Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD), a DSM-IV-TR disorder that currently has no physiological test to aid in diagnosis.

In addition to these readings David will attend selected lectures in Harvard Medical School Department of Neurobiology Seminar Series. The latter part of the semester will be devoted to writing a paper discussing the suitability of the pupil response as a tool for diagnosing HPPD.
A tutorial designed to meet with my sponsor and discuss new writing for the purpose of getting constructive feedback on my plan work.
A tutorial in preparation for the GRE, which focuses on Calculus and Trigonometry.
Use of statistics to clearly and effectively organize, analyze, and represent the data from surveys collected in the United States and Mexico.
An in-depth reading of psychoanalytic theory and practice, beginning with Freud, looking at Jung, and concluding with Lacan.

Variable credits 2-4; major research paper required for 4 credits.
An exploration of the possible connection between the memory Americans and Mexicans have of colonizing Indigenous cultures and the attitudes Americans and Mexicans have towards themselves and other cultures/countries.
A group tutorial designed as an experiential discovery of the gaping holes in our knowledge of plays (historical and contemporary) and the reading of copious texts to begin the task of filling the gaps.
An introduction to the development of Japanese culture and politics from the earliest time to the present.
Second semester intermediate japanese language tutorial focusing on speaking, reading, writing and grammar.
Creation and building of choreographic material ending with a final production. Pieces will be both solo and group works, and some ideas will be explored through the framework of the course "Choreographing for Groups."
A structure for writing and feedback on a paper discussing the medium of movement in the exploration of the dynamics of spirit and body.
A study of opposition parties in Mexico from 1988-Present.
Unlike many countries in Latin America, Colombia never established comprehensive and legitimate military control of its own regions, and the cost of human life has been horrendous. The lack of genuine state presence has allowed illegal activities such drug production, human rights abuses, and non-state actors to proliferate. The answer to fix such problems has been manifested in the form of a bilateral agreement between the U.S. and Colombia known as Plan Colombia. Does the Plan really work though? Have the billions of dollars of mostly military aid curved violent proliferation by non-state actors and drug production? We will examine books and articles in Spanish and English that discuss the affects of the Plan, and how truly inclusive economic alternatives could act as an alternative or supplement to heal Colombia’s long standing and multifaceted wounds.
This tutorial will be the home stretch to my Spanish plan component. The topic will focus on my own cultural and professional experiences while studying and volunteering abroad in Ecuador. Workload, then, will consist of drafting, revising, and polishing my Spanish Plan component
This project aims to return knowledge to the community in which I am working. I hope to make research findings (from either or both projects) and some of my personal impressions available to individuals in the communities in which I work. I will create a written report in Spanish that is designed so that most readers can understand it. I may also give an brief oral presentation of
my findings in a public space. In order to improve my Spanish, I will engage in the theme of the environment in Spanish through the creation of press releases, podcasts, and short videos which will also serve to inform the public of environmental news and events.
High level Chinese class with written and oral work
This workshop will most likely produce two Plan components in Applied Linguistics. One paper will research and analyze my fieldwork while teaching English in the Galapagos Islands. The other paper will focus on Whole Language theory in the first and second language classroom.
discussion and review of plan work
This tutorial builds on the introduction to groups in Algebraic Structures. Topics include the Sylow Theorems, solubility and nilpotence, simplicity of the alternating groups and others according to the interests of the students as we progress. We'll also learn to use the computer package GAP.
The tutorial will focus on the completion of a paper on the derivation of mathematical models for kidney function. We will consider the application of differential equations in surveying the movement of fluid through blood vessels and tubules of the human body, such as in the nephrons of the kidney.
A tutorial that examines mathematical problems, and the different methods that can be employed to solve them.
A group investigation of the emerging field of migration studies, focused on compiling a comprehensive annotated bibliography, understanding key topics and respective case studies, and presenting and critiquing individual writing and research.
An exploration of current research into photovoltaic cells with an emphasis on dye-senstized solar cells.
A course exploring the current status of solar power in the United States, and efforts to make solar power a leading means of energy production in the U.S.
Exploring the structures of the body and the experience of embodiment through movement, reading, and reflective writing, in conjunction with a weekly yoga practice at Embodyoga in Amherst, MA and the beginning of a 200-hour teacher training course.
This tutorial will include the production of various kinds of animated film and it will also involve a survey of the roots and evolution of animated film. From paleolithic cave paintings to Jan Svankmajer, from Pritt Parn to Walt Disney, we will explore this diverse field and the particularities of its cultural significance. Work will involve watching films, some theory, short papers, and production exercises
A tutorial on the study of the real numbers and functions of real numbers. In addition, the tutorial will examine sequences, continuity, differentiation, and integration. This tutorial will focus on proofs rather than applications.
This is a continuation of last semesters tutorial in observational astronomy. The focus this semester is on hooking up the CCD camera and linking the telescope to the computer. The ultimate goal will be to create color images using filters and/or create an H-R diagram. In addition, there will be a continued focus on opening the observatory to the Marlboro community.
The purpose of this tutorial is to develop a Plan paper on the topic of mechanical challenges to horizontal axis wind turbines. Sources will include the Wind Energy Handbook in addition to primary sources of research in the field. The final product will be a research paper designed to display mastery and understanding of the Spring-Hinge model for wind turbines and vibrational analysis.
The purpose of this tutorial is to develop a Plan paper on the topic of the electrical grid and the integration of wind energy. The final product will be a research paper designed to display mastery and understanding of AC electrical power and the grid.
A course focused on the creation of concept-based sculpture, culminating in a solo gallery exhibition.
A writing-centered tutorial on the relationship between leisure class institutions and the fine arts
An advanced digital printing tutorial that will explore the finer processes of Adobe Photoshop (color correction, composition, masking and layer adjustments, etc.) I will develop these skills in order to master high quality inkjet printing so that I may show my work professionally.
While working towards the completion of two photographic projects, we hope to further our understanding of Photoshop and other aspects of digital imaging and workflow. By furthering our understanding of digital processes, our future photographic plan endeavors will be stronger and allow us the ability to focus on the content of our work rather than jumping technical barriers.
This tutorial will mainly focus on empathy in dogs. The dog's capacity to empathize, development of empathy, etc. will be examined in depth. The ideas and concepts will be finalized in a series of Plan papers.
A study of the political philosophies if Wittgenstein and Deleuze
An examination of Cuba's public health policies, specifically those regarding HIV, in light of Foucault's understanding of power and the state; additionally, incorporation of Foucault's critics to understand his philosophy within a broader political discourse.
In this tutorial, we will re-write Marlboro's Sexual Misconduct Policy. We will start with designing and instituting an advocacy position. While this cycles through committees and faculty meeting we will read works by Catherine A Mackinnon including Directions in Sexual Harassment Law and Sexual Harrassment of Working Women. We will use this reading to inform our rendering of a new Sexual Misconduct Policy while being conscious of keeping the legal language intact.
An investigation of the intellectual history of Latin American political and economic development
This tutorial explores the politics of felony disenfranchisement and felony re-enfranchisement arguments.
A documentary film exploration of "hero" narratives in movies.
Finishing the paper examining selected motifs in hero/action/quest films.
A reading of three works each by Austen, Woolf, Shakespeare, and Morrison. Writing required: 5 pages a week and a mini plan paper.
An introduction to neuroscience, beginning with basic physiology and working toward cognitive neuroscience treatment of learning, memory and consciousness.

Variable credits 2-4; major research paper required for 4 credits.
An exploration of Japanese costume and dress, in preparation for a field study in Japan in May.
Film Project: Participation in the capacity of costumer & actress in Gordon Jackson's
Plan film entitled ? .
Continued translation of Ancient Greek texts at the advanced level.
An exploration of Ancient Greek History up to the Peloponnesian war and continued work on the fall of the Roman Republic.
Continued translation of Latin texts, beginning with Propertius, Book IV.
Martin Cahill is developing a board game as his plan project. Students in this tutorial will test the game and provide feedback for him. There will be readings on different aspects of "Game Studies" to inform the critiques.
A study of the expansion of print culture in the Nineteenth century. Topics of investigation include changes in publishing and the literary marketplace, the rise of a mass readership and the emergence of writing as a profession.
Continuing with the Falar Ler Escrever texts, working on fluency, grammar and understanding of the language.
A tutorial for the development of the script and research paper components of Plan.
Tutorial culminating in the production of an original play.
Placeholder tutorial for Josh Moyse's production.
Bi-weekly discussions and readings on critical approaches to James Joyce.
A project based tutorial exploring the fundamentals and techniques of non-linear software based film editing, including stop-motion animation. This tutorial will have a minimum of two projects during the semester due at the mid-tern and again at the final.
An exploration of dance on film from documented stage productions to modern "Video Dance" to old Hollywood movie dances. An emphasis on determining the camera's role in filming dance. Tutorial will culminate in the documentation of several live dance performances.
A tutorial in lighting design and technical execution for dance performance. Tutorial will be a hands on exploration of the lights and space of performance space with emphasis on familiarity with production technology.
The tutorial will work towards an understanding of Islam and Sufism with a focus on the place of music within their cosmologies. In what way does music partake in mystic truth? How can musical experience help us to understand the subtleties of Sufism and vice versa? As part of this tutorial we will be interviewing Turkish musicians.
An independent study on the use of narrative within the Mahabharata, and the use of narrative in developing and supporting basic religious questions.
An exploration of outer and inner aspects of pilgrimage in the Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions.
In this tutorial we will read some teachers of mystical religion that are relevant to the study of Simone Weil. The class will focus primarily on Eihei Dogen and St. John of the Cross.
A tutorial exploring the nature and meaning of suffering in human life, and how suffering influences the individual's perception of this world as the "best of all possible" worlds.
This tutorial will focus on creating a statistical analysis from the data generated by my Plan Project
A continued study of theory and practice of experimental cinema, through reading, writing, screening and production.
An examination of the phenomena and treatment of depression, following the classification of DSMTR.
This tutorial will include the production of various kinds of animated film and it will also involve a survey of the roots and evolution of animated film. From paleolithic cave paintings to Jan Svankmajer, from Pritt Parn to Walt Disney, we will explore this diverse field and the particularities of its cultural significance. Work will involve watching films, some theory, short papers, and production exercises.
An exploration of architecture as a formal and sculptural art. Course will examine a variety of modern architects working sculpturally and assess whether they succeed or fail within formal and technical constraints. Final design project.
The class will include psychological concepts such as motivation, zone of proximal development, and discussion concerning social strata that affects economically disadvantaged students versus middle and upper class learners in Colombia. Comparative strategies for teaching will be discussed, and ultimately synthesized in a project paper of 50 pages+.
An alternative poetry workshop focusing on content, form and technique.

A reading of Dante's Paradiso with supplemental readings of scholarly introspection, historical background and theological allusions (especially St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bernard).

This tutorial will focus on readings on the Sublime from Longinus to Lyotard.
An examination of morality and evolution.
An exploration of phenomenology, ontology, and theories of perception.
A study of theories of conceptual art 1960 to 2010.
An exploration of the relationship between self-construction and the event through the philosophies of Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault.
A study of pragmatism with a focus on environmental applications and environmental ethics.
A study of 20th century philosophy of language.
A translation of the Tibetan text, Similes of Tree and Water
A commentary on the translation of Similes of Tree and Water
Studies of Indian and Tibetan theories of karma.
A tutorial to facilitate the completion of a paper on the subject of permaculture design in eastern North America
Finishing a plan paper on the history of Native American usage of fire in New England.
Research in ecology and ethnobotany culminating in the design of an internship project.
This tutorial will explore Argentina`s native tree species and their role in both the natural and city environment. Their relationships with non-native species will also be explored.
Latin America is a vast region diverse in geography and culture tied together by a shared historical experience and a language. The Spanish-speaking countries are as rich and varied in their culture and historical development as they are in their geography and in the mix of peoples that inhabit them. In this course we will examine some of the most important issues in Latin America from a cultural and historical perspective: from nation building in the nineteenth century, to revolution and dictatorship, to indigenista and testimonial narratives. We will read essays, novels, and also watch films and discuss works of art. Though the focus will primarily be on Latin America, we will also focus on points of contacts with the culture and history of Europe, especially that of Spain.
A tutorial in preparation for the GRE, which focuses on Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry.
A continuation of last semester's theory course.
A study of self and other in John Ashbery's "Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror" and Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass"
A study of significant short stories from the 20th century, as well as discussions devoted to original work submitted for the class.
A tutorial to facilitate the writing, revision and organization of an original manuscript of poetry.
A tutorial which explores connections between Galway Kinnell's "The Book of Nightmares," and Plato's "Symposium."
A study of the environmental perspectives in Gary Snyder, Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry's poetry.
Exploring the genre of adventure journalism by focusing on adventure writing in book form that relates to water sports, especially boating.
Exploring the focus and methods of combat journalists through careful analysis of selected works, ranging from Ernie Pyle to Chris Hedges.
Explorations of humorous poetry through selected readings and writing original poetry.
Writing and editing non-fiction literature.
A critical look at the description of consciousness in personal narratives about solo undertakings.
An introductory exploration of East European art, preliminary to Plan work.
In this tutorial we will read Simone Petrement's biography of Simone Weil, Simone Weil's notebooks, her essays, and Homer's Iliad, Odyssey, and some of the writings of Sophocles.
An experimental exercise in teaching music to young children through the application of improvisational games and activities.
An in depth survey of early music education methodologies, specifically those developed by Zoltan Kodaly and Carl Orff. This study will include on-site observations of specialists and masters in their field, supplemented by readings on, but not limited to, these methods of music education.
A writing intensive class for Juniors and Seniors working on projects relating to issues in political economy, foreign policy, and contemporary history. Students should expect to draft and discuss papers to be used in their Plan of Concentration.
Work with a view camera to create B&W photographs with an emphasis on using camera movements, the zone system, and other advanced techniques.
Work with artificial lighting and constructed studio setups creating a personal, thematic body of photographs which will be critiqued in weekly group sessions.

By employing advanced lighting and set design techniques in collaborative projects students will improve their technical proficiency while creating high production photographs.


An analysis of Mexican politics since 1988 to present day.
An in-depth exploration into the major political concepts of nationalism, regionalism, and globalization, with an eye to an applied case study in Ghana.
France's colonial legacy lives on, as evidenced by immigrant riots and regular car burnings in recent years. France is faced today with tensions between nativists and immigrants from North and Subsaharan Africa. These immigrants live in the suburbs, or banlieues, where transportation is limited, work is scarce, and many youth turn to crime. From neocolonial policies to radical Islam and job discrimination, this course explores the condition of African immigrants in France, and why so many die to get to France in the first place.
An analysis of Vietnam's foreign policy with a focus on South china sea conflict and international law.
An analysis of the El-Max community which includes a 20-page paper.
Tutorial will focus on writing and editing papers on agriculture and environmental degradation.
Tutorial on the future of agricultural development
A tutorial covering the basics of computer operating systems and some advanced systems programming. Will feature several programming projects.
A survey of undergraduate computer science curricula. Goals, successes, and failures of these curricula will be discussed, and modern theories of curriculum and pedagogy will be used as analytical tools.

Research into pedagogical approaches in higher education culminating in a Plan paper.

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