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Preparation of original fiction or creative non-fiction for submission in Plan.

A study of female adolescent sexuality, both how individual girls come to understand their sexuality and cultural concepts of teen girl sexual identity. The course will also serve to work through summer research in which young women were asked to write a journal reflecting their adolescence and the development of their gender and sexual identities.

An exploration of American transcendentalism, focusing on its view and construction of the other.

This tutorial will provide a community for individuals interested in drawing.

A mixed media study on themes of craftsmanship and capitalism and the effect of their interplay on the contemporary social definitions of quality in general and "art" in particular.

Plan tutorial focused on woodcut, drypoint and monotype images examining themes of human relationships with the environment.



An exploration of agricultural themes in painting with a focus on ecological sustainability.



A wide ranging study of identity development theory within psychology. Readings will serve as a foundation to then focus on adolescence and particularly female identity development.


Choreography for a musical theatre production.

A continuation of research project(s) begun in last semester's Graph Theory tutorial. Research focus will be on graceful labelings and colorings of graphs.
Working on Plan project and incorporating background intermediate and advanced level math.

This tutorial provides insight into the applications of mathematical techniques to biological systems. Topics covered include population dynamics, genetics, evolution, and cell biology, studied with mathematical tools drawn from areas such as differential equations and algebraic statistics. Finally, the tutorial considers computational physiology, especially fluid dynamics of the circulatory system and of the kidney.

A focus on the mathematics applicable to the perceptual world starting with Euclid and later discussing modern approaches to analyzing perception mathematically.

Readings and practice in techniques of nonfiction written, especially as concerns memoir.

The tutorial will consist of developing a research design to better understand strategies to assist in improving performance of individuals diagnosed with ADHD.

An exploration of the benefits and limitations facing adolescent girls with a focus on all female academic settings.

The neuroscience of empathy will be heavily focused on in this tutorial. What exactly is the physiology of empathy? And how does this physiology work? The negative components of empathy and reciprocal empathy will also be examined, as well as the nature of empathy in canines.



A reading seminar for seniors on Plan in political theory.

An exploration of how violence distorts political power.

When the Southern Europeans sailed west they brought with them an understanding of politics informed by Counter-Reformation concerns and natural law reasoning. Instead of valuing individual and property rights, as did their Protestant counterparts to the north, these Catholic conquistadors and missionaries developed a theory of politics that found justice in nature and human flourishing in hierarchy. We'll look at the writings of Francisco de Vitoria, Jose Marti, Jose Enrique Rodo, Simon Bolivar, Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, and Paolo Friere to begin to make sense of how Latin Americans imagine their political communities. Along with these theoretical writings, we'll consider the case study of an ecclesiastical base community in Southern Brazil.

Completion of the laboratory work and writing of the paper describing work relating to my Plan project on the effect of BPA on genetic expression in poultry semen.

Participation in the Vermont Jazz Center Latin Jazz Ensemble.

This tutorial will include researching and understanding events which cause a major depopulation of a species such as White Noise Syndrome in bats, colony collapse in bees, and chytridiomycosis in amphibians. After researching these events, a bibliography, outline and paper will be written as a component of my Plan.

In this tutorial we will analyze gene expression data from a laboratory research project. The project was designed to measure changes in gene expression in mammalian cells exposed to a fungus associated with White Noise Syndrome in bats. The final part of the tutorial will focus on producing a draft research paper describing the project, the analysis and conclusions.

An explanation of my Spanish Plan component in cultural and applied linguistic studies. Work load will concentrate on topics in Ecuador and the Galapagos, where I will participate in an internship over winter break.

A comparative study of social movements that formed Colombian and Mexican identities during the 19th century.

A study of modern youth in Japan, focusing on the increasing trend of youth rejecting their roles in society.

A close study of the rise and development of the Samurai and the social/political changes brought about by them.

An examination of different historical perspectives related to the issue of Taiwan's sovereignty.

Techniques: practice of creative non-fiction with an eye toward longer pieces.

An exploration of economic realities and policies of the developing world paralleled by an assessment of important economic theories and concepts useful in understanding the processes of development. Students will complete a set of core readings, supplemented by individualized reading, research, and writing. Topics include the role of financial resources, investment in human and physical capital, macroeconomic policy, foreign trade and aid, population growth and migration, technological change, and the role of multilateral and transnational institutions.

This tutorial will focus on various aspects of the internet as informed by economic theory and analysis.

The evolution of mainstream economic discourse in the United States from 1945 to the present, drawing on the writings of Friedman, Galbraith, Krugman, and others. Common readings followed by individual research projects.

The causes and consequences of outsourcing and off-shoring, drawing primarily on economic theory and analysis.

Participation in the Brattleboro, VT, Open Music Collective Guitar Ensemble with Draa Hobbs.

The focus of this tutorial will be creation of movement material and development of this material into three eventual pieces: a solo, duet, and group work in both studio and outdoor site-specific locations.

I will be taking pictures of different people's living spaces as well as their portraits.


This tutorial provides a first introduction to Quantum Mechanics and its applications. The book being used is Quantum Physics: A Fundamental Approach to Modern Physics by John Townsend.

A tutorial covering the basic principles of fluid mechanics. What happens to fluids when forces are applied to them and what is their motion? The main text will be Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications by Cengel and Cimbala.

This tutorial will use the textbook WIND ENERGY EXPLAINED by Manwell, to understand some of the basic principles of harnessing useful energy out of the wind. The primary focus will be to develop an understanding of the conceptual and mathematical tools in the book.

Develop and present Plan ideas and critique those of your peers.

A survey of classic children's books written between 1850 and 2005. Works covered include Carroll, Alice in Wonderland; Kipling, Jungle Books; Grahame, The Golden Age; Milne, Winnie the Pooh; Baum, The Wizard of Oz; White, Charlotte's Web; Voigt, Dicey's Song; Alexander, The Book of Three; Bloor, Tangerine; DiCamillo, The Tales of Despereux; Pullman, Dark Materials trilogy.

Completion of an epyllion on the imitation of Cupic and Psyche.

This course will focus on the political, geographical, and social history of France throughout the 19th century with a particular focus on the beginning and end of the Second Empire. Topics to be considered include the French Revolution, Baron Haussmann, the the Paris Commune.

An exploration of the political ecology of agriculture and social change.

An in-depth examination of planning efforst in the Northern Forest region, focused particularly on economic and cultural issues.

A study of land use planning with an emphasis on the application of economic theory to such efforts.

Continuing work on my book-length non-fiction piece about the Leadville Trail 100 running race.
An investigation of credibility in non-fiction writing: its value; ways of establishing it; and the ethical responsibilities of writers who claim to portray the truth.
Creating functional pottery using the potter's wheel and various stoneware firing techniques, with attention paid to glaze development and experimentation. Work will include individual electric stoneware firings as well as group firings in the propane kiln.

Research into theoretical and critical commentaries on hero narratives as background for composition of an original paper on the topic.

Accrual of film references that demonstrate examples of hero quests in preparation for editing into original documentary.

An exploration of American political rhetoric from 1830-1860, with an emphasis on the theme of nationalism.



A close study of the realtiy television show "America's Next Top Model" in relation to theories of female identity and beauty standards in the U.S. mass media.

An interview-based study of a group of women who attended summer camp in the 1950's and 1960's.

Interview-based study of the ideas and practices of contemporary mediums and spiritualists.

A study of the intellectual community of 19th century Concord, Massachusetts, with a focus on Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the artist/intellectual in antebellum society.

An exploration of how evolving forms of mass communication have shaped how we remember as a society.

A survey of U.S. immigration policy.


This course will focus on the artistic developments of the 19th Century in Paris, France. Special consideration will be given to what was going on socially, politically and geographically during the time and how artists perceived or "framed" that world on canvas. Topics to be considered include the works of Delacroix and Ingres and the beginnings of Romanticism; Courbet and the Realists; Manet, Degas and Impressionism as well as a look at the development of photography and other means of artistic observation.

A study of curatorial processes by collaborating with the Vermont Arts Council and a freelance curator to produce the exhibit, The Art of Action. Preparation of an exhibition catalogue, choosing of works and written response to the experience will be the focus of this tutorial.

The study of high-temperature glaze materials and formulation.

A senior Plan tutorial on adolescents in South Africa with a focus on education.

A Plan tutorial focused on anthropological theories of religion and religious organization that coalesces into an Ethnography based on fieldwork in Albany, NY, with the Cowellian Nativist Tradition.

Various readings in 19th and 20th century American literature, focusing especially on construction of landscape.

Sight reading music.

Historical-comparative account of the US-USSR Space Race, including the years 1955-1974. Particular attention will be paid to the Lunar rivalry and the crucial Apollo-Luna efforts.

Exploring techniques and practice of non-fiction writing.

A survey of the history of database systems with focus on SQL development and management and new Internet-based hybrid database systems and structures.

This tutorial will look at some ethical ramifications of the capacity to share and distribute information easily and instantly via the internet. There will be an emphasis on copyright law in relation to its effects on international law and civil rights.

A look at the naturalistic origins of ethical systems through the works of political philosophers and social historians.

This tutorial focuses on the software development of the University of Massachusetts Wind Energy Engineering Toolkit. This is a continuation of an internship assignment to write a modern version of this learning tool used as part of the UMass undergraduate Wind Energy program.

An exploration of art theory in the context of contemporary art with an emphasis on conceptual art.

The intended continued development of speaking, writing, and comprehension of Japanese.

An exploration of 3-dimensional sculptures with a focus on utilizing different materials and techniques that reflect consumer culture.

An exploration of unconventional methods of printmaking using both representation and abstraction approach themes of Pop culture and consumption.

An exploration of the Faust legend in the works of Marlowe, Goethe, and Thomas Mann.

The tutorial is devoted to developing a greater understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Topics covered include metabolism, the nervous system, sensation, the endocrine system, muscle function, the circulatory system, the immune system, respiration, and the digestive system. Lastly, the tutorial focuses on renal function and physiology, in support of Plan work on the use of mathematical tools to examine kidney functions.

A study that focuses on current topics in solar energy, specifically current efforts to increase efficiency in photovoltaic cells. The book used is NANOSTRUCTURE PHOTOELECTRO CHEMICAL SYSTEMS FOR SOLAR PHOTON CONVERSION.

The goal of this tutorial will be to produce two Plan papers. One will center around building an organism that can use the exhaust from diesel fuel and turn it into useable fuel by taking attributes from archaea. The second will focus on how to house the organism.

The goal of this tutorial is to produce a Plan paper focusing on genetic engineering. Resources will include both primary and secondary resources as well as my lab project from the previous semester.



An investigation into the relationship between behavior, psychosocial endocrine-immune modulation, neuro-immune modulation, the relationship between stress, psychopathology, and immune function enhancement.

An in-depth study of the relationship between a person, and a land they inhabit, and how they form and inform each other primarily by looking at contemporary American literature.

Advanced creative non-fiction tutorial on land and identity.

An in-depth exploration of karma in the Mahabharata, and how a theory of karma allows place for a more fluid sense of time.

An examination of the relatedness of members of the canidal with an emphasis on the domestic dog.

A field-based study of contemporary dog sledding focusing on participant observation at Husky Works Mushing Company. Emphasis on how the ideas and practice of the dog sledding community can be interpreted in social, cultural and historical context.

A production tutorial analyzing contemporary plays and culminating in a performance of the one-act play "Laundry & Bourbon"

A reading of Dante's "Inferno" and "Purgatorio" with an emphasis on Dante's techniques and use of metaphor and symbolism and an examination of the nature of allegory.

A study of the spiritual identities, communities, and practices of traditional Chinese martial arts.

A close reading of Daoist classics from the Lieh Tzu up to the Medieval period.

Designing and implementing a youth media exchange program between a Lakota reservation in South Dakota and In-Sight Photography class in Brattleboro, VT.

Developing a body of photographs to illustrate a personal narrative in a visual form.

This course is a hands-on study of original print design including booklets, wall texts, and artistic visuals pertaining to a thesis exhibition.

An extended visual and written narrative of contemporary counter-culture including personal experiences.

This course is focused on the philosophical, logistical and communicative concerns of creating an historical exhibit.

Further develop professional-level proficiency in French.

A course in vector calculus and multivariate calculus.

An analysis of the rules of games and how they influence play.

An investigation into graph theory and its applications.

In this tutorial we will explore what happens when writers - novelists, memoirists and non-fiction writers - integrate images into their narrative - photographs archived in history museums, personal photographs or evocative images that merge with the written text. authors will include: Tim O'Brien, Jonathan Safran Foer, Wright Morris, Susan Sontag, Leslie Marmon Silko and John Berger. Critical and personal responses will lead to a long essay.

A study of urban renewal in the United States focusing on the co-evolution of top-down and bottom-up policies and programs, primarily in the 1960s and 1970s.

A tutorial to research and draft international climate policy for submission to the 15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (U.N.F.C.C.C.) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The focus will be on drafting an original position on finance policy in consultation with members of the newly recognized International Youth Constituency. The aforementioned policy will be circulated on the ground and discussed in detail when I attend the COP-IS meeting with Sustain Us in December of 2009.

A study of the economics of labor with an emphasis on the relationship between the evolution of labor systems and corresponding development of economic theory.

Individual tutorial focused on forming and bringing together the different aspects of Plan.

Plan tutorial focused on handbuilt forms, low-fire techniques, saggor firing and a study of stoneware glazes.



Building on Community Media and Social Activism, this course will examine how increasingly participatory media strategies reflect larger shifts in the attitudes and agendas of trans-gender activists.

An explanation of key debates in contemporary feminism, including struggles over sexuality and the body and issues of identity politics.

A research intensive exploration of change and continuity in bohemian subcultures in the first half of the 20th century.

An exploration of working class history in the Northeastern United States.

A study of the Highlander Folk School with a focus on its significance for the Civil Rights Movement.

Development of a script and production plan for the featured Plan film, The Lebanon Child.

An analysis of the rules of games and how they influence play.

A tutorial examining depictions of race in the American stage through a production of "Spinning into Butter"

This tutorial will first focus on the basics of animal behavior. The core principles of how to understand animals and their behavior will also be examined. As the tutorial moves along, the subject of caring and empathy in animals will be heavily focused upon.

A study of my own sculpture through photography.

An exploration of Film Noir and hard-boiled fiction and its role in shaping post-war culture.

A study in sculpture that is informed and modulated by technology.

Creating figurative sculptures that have tension between the representational and sbstract, the content of which is based in culturally rich icons of the past.

A series of sculptures focused on elements of light repetition and space using printmaking ceramic and sculptural techniques.


Documenting a design: the farm and greenhouse redesign achieved through a public service architecture process.

A study in soft forms, exploring sewing Tyvek, paper, and other materials.

Sculpture tutorial expanding and refining technical skills with a focus on sculpture that seeks to deconstruct the human body.

An individual studio and critique tutorial in contemporary sculpture and installation art.

A paper investigating the historical, technological, and artistic work of some recent artists who use kinetics in their sculpture.

A tutorial about the basics of operating the tools and instruments of a small observatory. In conjunction, there will be a focus on explaining the functions of observatories and opening the observatory to the public.

A study of adolescent psychology, focusing on Erik Erikson and other major contributors to adolescent theory.

An exploration of the significance of gendered religious experience, particularly in the context of religious discourses that have been articulated and developed predominantly by men. Thus, one of the goals is to question ways in which predominant religious discourse may overlook women's religious lives and silence or warp their perspectives. This exploration takes place primarily in the context of Latin America, with an additional focus on Latin America where possible special attention will be given to women's sexuality and body image as it interacts with Christianity as well as broader themes of political and social liberation movements within Christianity.

Further progressive study into Latin language through a series of translations and analysis.


This tutorial aims to survey ancient Greek history from 800-c404 bc, taking into consideration aspects such as society change and the development of democracy.

Further progressive study into the ancient Greek language through a series of translations and analysis.

A tutorial to facilitate the translation of Plato's dialogue, "The Symposium."

A series of essays examining chapters in Joyce's Ulysses in comparison to Homer's Odyssey.

This course will explore the history of Rome from 200 BC and up through the early empire through research into primary texts and secondary sources.

A study of collograph printmaking with an emphasis on repetition, texture, and the relationship between printmaking and marking ceramic tiles.

Exploration of the human figure through painting and drawing, with attention to the relationship figure has with its environment.

An exploration of printmaking at the intermediate level looking at monotype, drypoint, and etching, producing a variety of mixed media prints.

An exploration of the physical landscape of America as well as the landscape of human emotions, through printmaking and painting.

Advanced painting with an emphasis on narrative technique, expressions, and analysis.

A research paper will be written exploring the role of the presidency in 20th century film and stage.

A production of the original musical "The Toychest"

A final Plan writing tutorial incorporating the apocalyptic landscape in contemporary film and theatre.


An analysis of gendered spectacle through the lens of contemporary strip clubs.

Research and writing a history of American blackface performance and its continued influence on Modern American theatrical traditions and popular culture.

An original work for performance will be written in preparation for a production that is a piece of Plan work.

A study of outsiders in American popular culture and media.

Introductory Brazilian Portuguese focusing on comprehension and oral-aural practices.

Perspectives on how the values and institutions of the global political economy are internalized by political and cultural elites will be developed.

A course in math topics prerequisite for further study in mathematical and science.


Coursework includes advanced listening and speaking exercises with emphasis on improving general speaking ability in Manderin Chinese.

Coursework includes research-based study of topics in Chinese linguistics with the goal of developing a Plan-level research paper.

 A second level Japanese course with an emphasis on reading and learning kanji.

Development of professional-level proficiency in Vietnamese.

An investigation into the philosophical and scientific principles of permaculture design.

This tutorial will serve to organize and write up two and a half years of research in post-modern counter-culture.

A tutorial dedicated to readings on the sublime in the history of philosophy from Longinus to Lyotard.

A look at the development of social theories of sexual preference.

An exploration of narrative technique in the 19th century English novel with a focus on gender and acquisition of knowledge in Austen, Dickens, Hardy, Elliot, and Conrad. An examination of two plays and a novel by Oscar Wilde.

An investigation of moral philosophy as informed by evolutionary biology.

This tutorial will be dedicated to writing a commentary and introduction to a piece of Tibetan poetry I translated over the summer. In the first part of the semester I will work on Western theories of karma as well as Eastern ones to establish a philosophical framework which will serve as my introduction. In the second part of the semester, I will use this framework to write the commentary.

A post analysis of fieldwork from studies in the English classroom in Colombia.

A study of relief carving and skill building in woodworking.

An in-depth survey of the complex morphological systems of several European languages.

Work on practical wheelthrown pottery with a focus on developing a style and creating matched sets. Also gaining more experience with the technical aspects of glazes and firing.

To explore writing about dance (or about movement, using language from dance scholarship) by writing regularly.

Using the personal narratives of combat journalists to identify the personal and social motivations that inspire them to volunteer as witnesses to war? Also, exploring portrayal of war as a “grotesque and dark beauty,” in the personal narratives of combat journalists.

A discussion of reporting conflict in conditions of controlled access and new public media.

An examination of why and how societies go to war focusing on the 20th and 21st century.

A discussion-based tutorial centered around Galway Kinnell's, "The Book of Nightmares," exploring the themes of love and attraction found both in Kinnell's poetry and Plato's "Symposium."
A tutorial to workshop original poetry, and discuss the process of writing and editing.
A study of perceptions of land and place in contemporary American poetry. Readings will include the poetry and essays of Mary Oliver, Gary Snyder and Wendell Berry.
A tutorial for drafting and polishing poems for plan.

An overview of ecological disturbance processes with a focus on disturbance regimes in the Pacific coast and New England forests.

A study of the relationship of land and community with a focus on twentieth century farming communities.

An examination of local medicinal plants, general ethnobotany and changes in the land.

A senior final plan writing tutorial focusing on the study and discussion of wind power and the environmental debate surrounding renewable energy.

To create and present a short film.

An exploration of man's ever-changing relationship with God and how affliction both separates and can eventually unite man and God.

An examination of the relationship between music and spirituality. How do an understanding of form and meaning, structure and structureless, limited and limitless inform musical experiences? How can subversion be used as a technique to experience the sacred in music?

An exploration of the human response to the hardships of life and traumatic situations using fictive narratives in which the protagonist's world view is turned upside-down, leading to change and self discovery.

Research investigating topics of Cosmology and evolution in the tradtion of Theosophy that will coalesce into a Plan paper.

In this tutorial we will explore the role of creativity in forms that have been received or inherited. Do worshipers experience each ritual act as a new act? To what degree do traditional rituals allow a person to bring various aspects of the self into unity?

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