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General overview of the vertebrate endocrine system with particular focus on steroid hormones and EDCs.



This course will review all the major systems in birds as well as the structure and function of the avian body.


An exploration of how rules, play, and culture interact and manifest in games.

Participation in a student-driven project to adapt and produce a performance of a selection of Just So Stories.

Objective: To gain a better understanding of myself while in another cultural setting.  This journal will provide me with a reference to see how I develop over my time in Brazil. This journal will have my daily personal experiences and thoughts, as well as vocabulary and other language aspects so I can have a well-documented journal.

Methodology: Every day that I am in Brazil, I will maintain a journal of my daily experiences.  Having this journal will allow me to reflect on my time abroad, and allow me to see how I have adapted as a person to a new culture. At the end of every other month,  I wil form my monthly recordings into a 2-4 page paper to document in a more organized manner my development as a person in Brazil, and this paper will be sent to Seth. Specific interest will be put into my language developments over time and how my advancements in oral ability correlate to my adaptation and assimilation into the Brazilian culture.

Objective:  Given that I have not yet taken the former Topics in Human Understanding component of the amalgamated Global Issues and Perspectives class, I would like to do this while on internship.  (Although I could take it my senior year, I am concerned that the Friday-only nature of the class will cause it to conflict with the other MWF classes.)

Method and Evaluation:  I will do the same, or comparable, readings to the ones that were completed this year as the Friday portion of GIP.  I will write three five-page papers responding to selected readings and submit them for evaluation.

A skills building tutorial in woodshop projects.


Research based tutorial focused on the architecture and sculpture of the Champa Kingdom, Vietnam.


Rehearsal based tutorial in preparation for Katherine Partington's dance Plan performance.


Continuation of a paper on Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye in critical context.

I will be working with Tom to develop a more comprehensive strategy for teaching the English language to intermediate Colombian Spanish speakers.  I will also discuss the progress of my students' interlanguage with Tom, and see how this correlates with my hypothesis of an increase in motivation using perspective-changing material.  The course will be supplemented with theoretical readings concerning motivation in second language acquisition, such as selected works from Zoltan Dornyei, Robert C. Gardner, and others.  We will correspond weekly while sharing findings and suggestions.

This course will provide more insight to the Brazilian culture and language through reading.  Reading is one of the best ways to learn about both culture and language, and reading some of the most famous and important pieces of literature from Brazil will advance skills in Portuguese better than any other method, by going through all the major eras in Brazilian literature, from colonial Brazil through the romantic, baroque, and contemporary ages.

Objective: I want to be able to follow and participate in Twi conversations, as Twi is the most widely-spoken indigenous language in Ghana and acts as a lingua franca among much of the population. Although I do not think I will be in a position that will require me to live my life speaking it (as the language of Accra is Ga, and the language of Goi is Dagme), I believe it to be culturally significant and know that basic fluency would better facilitate domestic travel. I also want to attain spoken fluency in Dagme, the language I will use at my internship site.

Method: Because I do not anticipate having daily opportunities to speak in Twi, I will keep a daily journal and compile a reading list of basic texts while at the University of Ghana. While I am on my internsip, I will read and respond to these texts in my journal.  Dagme, on the other hand, I will use on a daily basis while in Goi.  I will pursue a similar means of acquiring written fluency to the plan I have outlined for Twi, involving a daily language diary and a selection of texts.  I will also seek out a language partner for conversation on basic topics.

Evaluation: I will choose one diary entry every week to revise into an expanded essay, which I will send to Tom (along with all my text response pieces). If I end up studying two languages, I wll do a six-credit option (four credits of my main language, and two of the secondary language) involving two weekly essays - one in Twi and one in Dagme - and one reading and written response in the more heavily-weighted language.

This class will provide a solid academic foundation on the theories of interpretation and translation.  Readings include works from "After Babel" and "Becoming a Translator."  The student will also practice written translation.

A comparative examination of American presidential foreign policy doctrines focusing on George W. Bush, Harry S. Truman and Woodrow Wilson.


A series of research proposals and writing lessons, culminating in the gathering of accurate data about live action role players.


This tutorial aims to provide a more complete exploration into the comprehensive body of Tony Kushner's work, and nurture a greater understanding of Kushner and how his work fits into contemporary drama.


Continuing to work on a body of creative nonfiction, with a reading of selective essays.

This tutorial serves to deepen the students' knowledge of theory (staff, clef, meter, rhythm, intervals, scale formation, chord formation), and analysis and ear training (functional pitch recognition, interval recognition, chord recognition, rhythm recognition, and timber recognition) with an ultimate goal of transcription.

A study of clinical uses of theatre, such as psychodrama and drama therapy. Work includes a study of psychodrama, drama therapy and playback theatre in a final composition of a paper.


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