A student-driven Plan writing seminar for seniors working on Plans in Asian Studies. Prerequisite: Plan in Asian Studies
Introduction to Einstein's special theory of relativity
A choreography process aimed at producing a solo and group work.
An intermediate level exploration of C1, driven by students' questions.
An in-depth exploration of dance on camera and the relationship between critical theory and dance performance.
A choreographic process aimed at creating a group dance that explores the theme of conflict.
An exploration of the literary and philosophical influences on jujitsu through a physical practice, instruction, and reading discussions.
A study of military thinking in China and Japan from 400 BC to the 17th Century.
This group tutorial is designed for Plan students working in the area of screenwriting.
An examination of the techniques used in scientific writing to promote clear, accurate portrayal of complex data and concepts. Emphasis will be placed on applying these techniques to Plan writing.
A Plan level tutorial studying the tales of Madame D'Aulnoy, her life, and her times culminating in a Plan paper.
Reading several books on children's literature and learning disabilities, and writing a few short children's works.
Plan level course work in fiction and non-fiction writing.
A reading of Austen, Dickens, Bronte, some other classic novels and five Shakespeare plays.
Writing a 30 page story with complementary illustrations.
A continuation of Plan Fiction/Non-Fiction 2.
An exploration of educational strategies by which to achieve liberation through communication and the public sphere, as applied in the classroom and in society.
I'm going to be using the tutorial to bridge the gaps between my political theory background and my anthropology --> focusing in on the role of the shaman within the group in Mongolian society and the US's New Age community.
This tutorial explores the architecture of the mind and the socio-political landscape and of the possible movements within both systems.
A study of the Kelo vs. New London Supreme Court case and of how various political theorists (such as Adam Smith, John Locke) conceived of private property.
This course examines contemporary legal theory in the context of post-modern discourse, interdesciplinarity and the formation and hybridization of legal aesthetics.
I will be conducting primary research, attempting to may the trajectory of trans-activism since stonewall. Through interviews and participant observation, I will trace transgender organizing as it has intersected with, been coopted by, and broken away from the LGBT and feminist movements.
This course is dedicated to exploring theoretical and ethnographic works, engaging gender identity and gender differences from queer and transgender perspectives. We will pay special attention to the tensions and convergences between transgender, queer, and feminist perspectives, considering how these different communities may engage each other to build productive alliances.
A writing based tutorial focused on thematic and historical aspects of the figure of the holy fool in Byzantine society.
An advanced independent study in synthesizing a body of work in such media as drawing, painting, sculpture, animated video, and interactive installation.
The composition and polishing of original short stories.
An investigation of three-dimensional form using paper rectangles and other shapes to construct relief and free standing form.
An in-depth focus on the aspects of translation from a foreign language to English, with particular work in French and Spanish.
A tutorial that works to advance the student in all aspects (listening, speaking, writing, etc) to move towards native fluency in the target language.
Continuation of Arabic I focusing on all four language skills of reading, speaking, writing, and listening.
Exercises and experiments in developing dramatic text and carrying it into performative expression.
An exploration of what an individual life story can reveal about a broader social and historical context.
A study of French language, grammar, and composition techniques through the lens of literature, film, and other cultured media, with an emphasis on articulated understanding through oral expression.
A tutorial focusing on research in preparation for an essay on the impact of the Anonymous Artist in modern and contemporary culture.
A study of the narrative evolution of the superhero from WWII era through the 1960s.
Exploration of content and pedagogy associated with the course "The Deconstructed Superhero."
Reading, writing, and research techniques necessary for plan writing.
Close reading of primary source documents related to aesthetics.
Reading David Crowley's "Communication in History: Technology, Culture, & Society." Also exploring other sources for and understanding of the effects of the internet, television, radio, and mass media on US policies and culture.
Perform Beethoven Sonata op. 104.
An investigation of Takashi Murakami and other artists who embody a complex set of post-war cultural influences.
An independent exploration of numerous subjects aimed at creative work for a final plan show. Media may include printing, drawing, and sculpture.
An individual pursuit of reading and writing that examines changes in Japanese society and art. The time period will be limited from the late Edo period to the end of the Taisho era.
An exploration of concepts in green design.
Hand-built bowls, plates, tiles, and vessels, experimentation with pit, barrel and sagger firing. Study of glaze theory formulation and firing.
Combinatorics is the study of arranging objects to satisfy given rules. If we can show that a certain arrangement exists, we are then interested in how many possible arrangements there are. In this tutorial, we will study some essential techniques of combinatorics, look at problems from various areas of the field, and consider how combinatorial techniques and results apply to other fields.
An exploration of the techniques and theory of nonfiction writing in various forms: essay, memoir, journalism, and others.
An exploration of race and the theme of passion in a range of African-American fiction and non-fiction.
An exploration of the relationship between literature and film adaptation, focusing on Cormac McCarthy's "No Country for Old Men" and its film adaptation.
A study of constructions of racial and gender identity in the work of Faulkner, Toomer, Gaines, Morrison and others.
An examination of various tropes of the frontier in a range of 20th century American literature.
An examination of various European existentialist texts and their influence on European and American literature.
An examination of the range of techniques in personal nonfiction writing.
An exploration of identity formation through social, cultural and historical perspectives.
An exploration of women's relationship to ideals of beauty and the body with an emphasis on how the media shapes self-image.
An exploration of the American public's opinion of cold war tactics through responses in popular media from 1945-1963.
A study of gender roles in the 1950s, with an emphasis on advertising.
An exploration of how public space is defined, created, used, and contested in contemporary American society.
This tutorial will explore the history and development of the Chicano movement in the United States including its predecessors, its peak years in the late 1960s and early 1970s, its aftermath, and the culture that accompanied it.
An exploration of alternative spiritual beliefs and practices in contemporary American culture, with an emphasis on spirit mediums and channeling.
An exploration of American popular music with an emphasis on its relationship to culture and society, and the evolution of the music industry.
A study of lynching and social violence in the U.S. from 1860 to 1960.
This tutorial will cover advanced Arabic grammar and vocabulary using Al-Kitaab part 2 as a primary text and will include exercises in Arabic media, Arabic literature, composition, translation, and Egyptian colloquial Arabic from a variety of other sources.
Introductory level course in computer aided structural design instructed by Hilary Baker.
Overview of China's Cultural Revolution 1966-1976 and the post-mao reforms era. Culminating in a substantial research paper.
An examination of political connections and capital generation for Chinese private entrepreneurs.
Readings and writing relating to Cambodian and Vietnamese history, with a focus on colonialism and anti-colonial revolutions (including communism).
Close readings and discussions of the later works of Martin Heidegger.
A tutorial which facilitates the written and performative studies of performance art regarding body and sexual politic.
The main tools of modern finance will be used to illustrate the crucial role of financial markets and financial decision making in the economy.
An exploration of internet security in collaboration with a researcher from the SANS institute (www.sans.org) on honeypots. Part of the Marlboro Graduate Center's "Internet Technologies" course will be used for background
An overview of technique for botanical illustration utilizing local flora
An exploration of the conceptual framework which defines rare plants and the practices designed to protect them.
A paper exploring the influence of technology in contemporary sculpture.
An investigation of sculpture that takes advantage of technology.
A study of the positive relationship between artistic expression and mental health. A study of several different therapeutic approaches that incorporate creativity.
Reading and writing concerning pilgrimage and metaphysical and mystical journeying in three traditions of Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.
An historical and scriptural exploration of how Christians understand/perceive their experience of suffering in light of their beliefs.
A writing-based tutorial on classical and contemporary debates concerning the scope and methodologies of Islamic Law.
Introduction to Einstein's theory of relativity.
Exploration of small scale residential wind power, beginning with a foundation in electrical circuits. We will be using a variety of texts and a composite of online resources
Study of various forms of documentary film. Personal projects: short film with footage (already shot) from Oaxaca, Mexico. Planning and shooting of a film about the School of the Americas.
A comparative analysis of 20th Century entrepreneurial theorists.
This tutorial will cover how human activities shape the land and how the land shapes human activities, in New England. It will follow the changes in these trends over time, including changes in patterns of resource and land use in specific New England towns.
A survey of preschool policies in the US with special focus on public and private funding and initiatives.
An examination of ideas about and conflicts over land in the United States, including topics such as zoning, eminent domain, land-use planning, and the tragedy of the commons.
A reading of selected journal literature building on environmental economics and policy.
A look at the measures made by individuals, government and communities to prepare for and respond to natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad.
To further my understanding of editing and acting through hands on experience. I will be editing in Final Cut Pro, as well as acting in student films, specifically Sto Austin's.
General study of the behavior of animals.
This tutorial will focus on the transcribing, and later translating, of filmed interviews with native speakers in Oaxaca, Mexico. If time permits, other footage will also be translated from English to Spanish
An introduction to theoretical linguistics, covering phonetics, phonology, morphology, semantics and syntax. There will also be an emphasis on grammar construction and argumentation.
In this tutorial I will ask the question of what place poetry had in ancient Greek society and especially what place Homeric verse had in such a society. Little is clear about exactly whom Homer was or if he even existed at all. What is clear is that a set of stories considered to be Homeric have survived thousands of years to reach modern audiences. Before its composition into a written text in Alexandria in the second century BC, Homeric verse existed as a performed poem, sustained through memory and tradition.

This semester, I will attempt to understand the form of this oral tradition and what place it had in its society. To answer the first part of that question, I will read the theories of oral literacy tradition of Milman Parry and Albert Bates Lord, two scholars who studied oral traditions of many different cultures including Homeric verse in ancient Greece. For the second part of the question, understanding what place Homeric oral tradition has in its society, I will read the more recent work of Gregory Nagy and John Hopkins. Finally, I will look at how such oral traditions influenced the final text of the work possibly through reading essays from the book "Written Voices, Spoken Signs: Tradition, Performance, and the Epic Text."
An in-depth exploration of contemporary creative non-fiction writing essays in a range of genre. Key to study: Answer the question, "what is the essay?"
Individual research and group discussion of current policies between Russia and former Soviet bloc nations.
The development and practice of socialist realism in the context of soviet society.
An examination of Czech novels of the early 20th century, we will read Capek (War with the Newts, R.U.R., and his Three Novels), Hasek (The Good Soldier Svejk), Neruda (Prague Tales), and Kafka (Metamorphis and The Trial). Topics in focus will include political issues of this period and targets of satire/irony, including military involvement, hierarchies of power, and prejudice in society. We will also examine depictions of totalitarianism and attitudes towards Jews and women in these works.
A study of parental care, mating systems, and sexual selection in animals, with a focus on birds.
Ten rehearsals culminating in a concert in December for an all Miles Davis program directed by Jamie McDonald.
Performance in the Bass section of the KCO. A concert on October 12, 2008 includes Coriolan Overture, Piano Concerto Nos. 3, Symphony No. 3 (All Beethoven). There will be weekly rehearsals, including those for a concert in February.
Weekly work and lessons on the double bass potentially culminating in a short recital at the end of the semester.
Investigation on the theme of neopaganism with an emphasis on reading and writing up field observations.
A study of anthropological theory in the late twentieth century and beyond.
A course investigating media using anthropological theory.
A survey of many anthropological works concerning senses of place, principally in terms of place-based education. The tutorial aims to form the theoretical framework of an anthropological study of place. The result will be a plan paper digesting the major concepts.
A look at the cultural responses to natural disasters in the U.S. and Guatemala, focusing on Hurricanes Katrina and Stan.
An anthropology tutorial in the theory and ethnography of globalization and locality.
Anthropological consideration of issues having to do with Upper Delawarean society in the colonial period, looking at their relations with neighbors based on gender, kinship, and ties to the land.
Writing a feature length film to be shot locally (in Burlington). The group will critique the writing and focus on character development, narrative structure, and dialogue characterization.
In this tutorial we will be exploring agriculture and its effect and services to the local ecosystem and surrounding biodiversity.
Practical work on directing and producing the play "House" by Richard Maxwell. Includes the keeping of a production journal and other documentation of the rehearsal process.
Readings and writings about how Manichaeans thought of their bodies as vehicles of good and evil, and how they patterned behavior based on these beliefs. Also, explorations of shemanic journeying.
Strategies for conducting social research in the corporate world.
A research and writing course on the ideas and philosophy of deep ecology expressed by various authors and personal experience with the land.
The study of relationships between plant communities
Using GIS mapping and field work, areas that are ecologically sensitive to human disturbance (high risk areas) will be determined in order to develop the boundaries for a 300 acre wildlife reserve on Long Cage in the lighthouse Reef Atoll (Belize, CA)
Looking at the interactions between microbial biomass, photosynthesis, plant growth and soil hydrology in a forested ecosystem, and various pathways of restoration for fragmented forests.
Studying the effects of invasive tree species on a local and global scale.
In this tutorial, the student will examine Marlboro's "Plants of Vermont" course as an example of place-based education at the college level. The ethnography the student will write will be based in the context of current literature of the field.
We will be exploring the role and phenomenon of the urban shaman within contemporary Mongolia society. Are the shamans in Ulaanbaatar leaders within their community? Have they had to navigate a whole new place for themselves within the new, urban, Westernized society, and where is that place? These are some of the questions we'll be investigating.
This tutorial will examine the mechanics of state power, including the military, police, and prison bureaucracies.
A detailed analysis of the process of structural and ideological changes that brought about the creation of the National Security State in American government during the early cold war era.
A continued workshop in short story writing and emphasizing revision and completion of work.
A close examination of motivation's role in education, encompassing sociocultural concepts, second language acquisition, and the importance of male teachers in schools. We will also investigate strategies for engendering effective student achievement and various theories of motivation.
Overview of the reproductive behavior of vertebrates, particularly birds. Overview of the endocrine system.
A tutorial in the craft of songwriting for guitar and voice, concentrating on the sonnets of James Joyce's "Chamber Music" collection with the goal of setting to music two pieces from that collection.
Through new and interesting repertoire, we will work on both bow and left hand technique. With a supplement of etudes and cello studies, the focus will be on developing dexterity and facility that will allow me to play a huge range of compositions, always with a keen sense of projection.
A study of sight-singing, rhythm reading and ear-training.
I'll be studying chords, scales, improvisation and building a repertoire of jazz standards.
Weekly lessons with guitarist Draa Hobbs focusing on jazz improvisation.
I'll be studying improvisation beyond the modes, including pentatonics, diminished scales, the melodic minors and the goal note method.
This tutorial will involve the analysis of works taken from a variety of genres, followed by creative composition in the styles examined and/or the arranging of melodic material for various performance settings. In particular, celtic music, folk music, and other traditional music styles from around the world will be examined.
A class at the Vermont Jazz Center focusing on the styles of different soloists from Armstrong to Coltrane.
An ensemble class at the Vermont Jazz Center exploring the music of Miles Davis and culminating in a performance at the end of the semester.
An exploration of ensemble literature for two guitars and guitar with other instruments. Music of Bach, Sor, Kitsz, etc.
A study of a counter-culture community developing and applying "creative" participant observation research.
This is a variable credit group tutorial designed to provide students with the necessary calculus for intermediate physics courses. Working from different starting points, each student will work towards an understanding of Vector Calculus. In particular, we will study Green's Theorem, Stokes' Theorem, and the Divergence Theorem.
A study of dynamical systems, particularly those that give rise to chaotic behavior. Examples will be taken when possible from the field of ecology.
A series of paintings, drawings, and painted furniture inspired by cartooning and graffiti.
Advanced tutorial focusing on the connection of people to the landscape expressed through oil painting and drawing as well as expanding practical skills of oil painting.
A study of painting and drawing in response to rural life with emphasis on surface and mark making.
An exploration of contemporary American short story writers.
A study of identity through issues of beauty and body image in post-World War II American women's literature, beginning with Toni Morrison's THE BLUEST EYE.
Writing and editing non-fiction literature with related reading.
Critical essays on the fiction and prose of Flannery O'Connor.
An exploration of the role of music in performed poetry. What effect, positive or negative, does such accompaniment have? How is it used?
Close reading and analytical discussion of the stories of Franz Kafka and Ernest Hemingway.
This tutorial will be a once-a-week meeting in order to workshop my original poetry and address larger questions about the process of writing and revision in the context of what I've written.
The revision of an original novel, particularly in regard to character and theme, with supporting editing of grammar and style.
Close reading and analysis of the short stories of Donald Barthelme, resulting in a substantial critical paper.
Researching various topics for the "Writing Non-Fiction Literature" tutorial.
A course dedicated to the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the Russian language.
This tutorial will examine the structure and culture of youth-led social movements in the United States from a variety of theoretical perspectives with a focus on Mexican-American youth-led movements and an emphasis on methodologies used to study youth movements in preparation for field work on the subject.
Three week-long take-home examinations in computer science: on on Python, one on Lynux, and one on the internet. Includes several weeks of review for each exam.
Coding and documentation of a software interface for teaching IT in developing countries.
This tutorial will be a study of the protocols on which the Internet functions. The main coursework will be done through the Internet Technologies course at the Marlboro Graduate Center. The course will also focus on the Bit Torrent protocol and its implementation for other purposes on the Web.
First, a study of the C++ programming language, using one of the standard books on the subject, doing weekly practice and a small mid-term project. Second, a look at how that language is used by video game programmers, ending with a C++ programming final project that fits in with one of the open source game engines like Crystal Space.
A series of sewn, stuffed fabric sculptures.
A study through drawing, of composition within the frame. Both film and paper media will be explored. The study of composition will then be used as a basis for the storyboarding of the student's plan film.
A series of relief and kinetic works using recycled and natural materials.
A study of sculpture drawing on rural objects, materials, and architecture.
An investigation of community-based architectural design that takes into account responsible use of resources and space.
An investigation of interior and exterior through paper mache and wire forms with experiments in other materials.
This course will include a chronological overview (late 1800's to the present) of Colombia through the context of violence. Knowledge of the political parties , union organizations, historical figures and economic figures within Colombia and beyond will inform the student of the complex and destructive history. Readings will be in English and Spanish, while essays will be written only in Spanish.
This tutorial is an exploration of documentary photography theory and technique through various readings and personal essays.